Confidentiality and Private Messaging Enabled by Dedicated Oasis Privacy Layer & Sapphire

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A pair of flexible cross-chain confidentiality and messaging tools give privacy a bright future.

The Oasis Network has publicly launched the Sapphire runtime and the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) to enable privacy, cross-chain messaging, and other advanced features for Web3 developers. To further support the Web3 developer community and invite builders to explore the potential of these groundbreaking innovations, the network has also initiated the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon. 


“With Sapphire and the accompanying Oasis Privacy Layer, Oasis introduces Smart Privacy to the universal dApp developer toolkit. Privacy should be flexible, versatile, and compatible with any Web3 ecosystem infrastructure.”

Oasis Foundation Director Jernej Kos

Why Sapphire and OPL are important for Web3 privacy

Sapphire is a groundbreaking Oasis runtime that serves as the first and only Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, fully customizable privacy solution. It enables rapid blockchain scaling and facilitates the creation of privacy-focused dapps to address users’ data sovereignty needs.

On Sapphire, contract state and transactions can be encrypted, developers can define user consent mechanisms, create custom data confidentiality features, and enable secret smart contracts in an efficient manner. 

Sapphire also offers built-in functions like random number generation, signing and encryption that can unlock novel use cases. Moreover, the seamless compatibility with familiar Web3 tools further enhances the developer experience.

Complementing Sapphire, the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) acts as an accessible middleware for Web2 and Web3 applications. It empowers EVM network developers to effortlessly integrate Sapphire’s features, including encrypted transaction states, confidential cross-chain messaging, and permissioned user data. This integration can be achieved without requiring a full migration to the Oasis Network, thus, it is simple for any EVM-based blockchain or dapp to integrate Smart Privacy functionalities and enhance their user experience.

By using OPL, developers who are already building on EVM networks can seamlessly integrate many of Sapphire’s features (i.e., encrypted state and transactions, confidential cross-chain messaging, policies for access to data) to dapps on their native network without undergoing the effort of fully migrating to the Oasis Network. In short, OPL provides private computation as a service to empower Web3 developers with smarter tools and simpler interfaces.

Oasis Private layer

The only way for privacy to reach wide-spread adoption is by making it the user-friendly default. Sapphire and OPL enable this through ease-of-use for both developers and end-users, offering developers the ability to build private smart contracts in a familiar EVM environment.

Join Privacy4Web3 Hackathon for a chance to win $55,000

To further support and engage the Web3 developer community, the Oasis Network has launched the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon. This event invites Web3 builders to explore the potential of OPL and Sapphire. More importantly, it allows them to explore building privacy-enabled dapps using familiar EVM development environments. 

The Privacy4Web3 Hackathon starts on 19 July 2023 and presents an opportunity for Web3 developers to compete for $55,000 in grants and prizes. Whether one possesses an existing dapp or aims to create a new privacy-enabled dapp on Sapphire, all are encouraged to participate. 

The hackathon organizers are interested in diverse ideas, such as gaming, DAO tooling, and Confidential NFTs. But participants are free to explore various creative avenues to showcase their talents and innovative ideas.


Forging new paths with privacy and efficiency

The Oasis team is leading a paradigm shift in Web3 dapp development, keeping development efficient while prioritizing the concept of Smart Privacy. This innovative approach brings valuable benefits to the whole Web3 ecosystem.

In a collaborative effort, Celer Network and Oasis Network are building bridges between their platforms. The partnership aims to enable the seamless transfer of assets and data while ensuring data privacy.

By integrating Celer IM on Oasis Sapphire, builders can access multi-faceted, Smart Privacy tools. Ultimately, this allows for the creation of more sophisticated dapps and leverages Oasis-powered privacy features.

Partnerships like this will pave the way for a myriad of unique and novel use cases built with Oasis. Both developers and users are invited to experience the exciting possibilities it opens up.

Enhancing dapp deployment and interoperability with Oasis 

Oasis technology makes it easier to deploy dapps across different chains and make them work together. For example, a core DAO smart contract on Ethereum can conduct private voting on Sapphire, sharing only the final results with the main contract.

Many opportunities for privacy-minded applications are made possible using Sapphire and OPL. Get inspired with the use cases below: 

  • a confidential DEX with a hidden order book and MEV resistance 
  • fully on-chain games with fog of war mechanics 
  • RPG games with quests, riddles and puzzles 
  • cross-chain account abstraction thanks to Sapphire contracts natively containing private keys enabling EIP-4337-similar functionalities 
  • confidential NFTs with data hidden from anyone else besides the owner, who then can provide and revoke access to the data 
  • sealed-bid auctions, 
  • key management for really decentralized but user-friendly self-custody wallets 
  • user-controlled data sharing policies and selective disclosure for DIDs.

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