$3.7 million for 2 XCOPY Artworks – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales nov dec 2021
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Decay and Some Other Asshole picked up over the weekend

An avid art collector with a portfolio filled with NFTs, paid $3,7 million to acquire two artworks by digital artist XCOPY. They acquired the newly minted artwork Decay for 345,69 ETH or $1,45 million while spending 550 ETH or $2,28 million on the three-year old artwork Some Other Asshole

The artworks by XCOPY are among the first NFTs minted on SuperRare, a premier marketplace for curated NFT art. In recent months these early artworks by XCOPY exchanged hands for lots of money on various occasions. Despite originally selling the artworks for 0,8 ETH, the artist earns royalties on every sale on the secondary market. 

Furthermore, the two artworks by XCOPY aren’t the only artistic NFTs in this week’s Top 10 NFT Sales. In fourth place, we also see Decentral Eyes Dogg. This NFT artwork has been created by Coldie in collaboration with Snoop Dogg. They also sold it through SuperRare. 

Even though the number of traders on SuperRare increased only 0.68% to 148 over the past 7 days, the trading volume got a significant boost. SuperRare saw $6,8 million in trading take place on its platform. The three sold art NFTs mentioned have been responsible for the lion’s share of the platform’s trading volume. 

In the Top 10 NFT Sales we also see the usual suspects, various CryptoPunks. In addition the list shows that interest in the metaverse hasn’t slowed down, as two estates in Decentraland sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also see one NFT from the Degenerate Ape Academy in the list, which is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.

Top 10 NFT Sales – Nov 29th – Dec 5thb

  1. Some Other Asshole, by XCOPY – $2,28 million / 550 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  2. Decay, by XCOPY – $1,45 million / 345,69 ETH – Buyer’s wallet 
  3. CryptoPunk #9137 – $1,24 million / 300 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  4. Decentral Eyes Dogg, by Coldie – $791,930 / 188,8 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  5. Coliseum, DCL – $756,000 / 225,000 MANA – Buyer’s wallet
  6. CryptoPunk #8295 – $715,300 / 149,94 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  7. CryptoPunk #3322 – $684,290 / 150 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunk #2006 – $611,250 / 135 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  9. 168 Golden Position, DCL – $588,000 / 150,000 MANA – Buyer’s wallet
  10. Degenerate Ape #448 – $578,250 / 3,000 SOL

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