CloneX and Various Punks Battle for Top Spot – Top 10 NFT Sales

CloneX and Various Punks Battle for Top Spot - Top 10 NFT Sales

Decentraland plot Amazing steals the spotlight with a $1.32 million sale

The first week of February 2022 saw CloneX and V1 Punks climb to the top of the most expensive NFT sales. With three CloneX entries and two V1 Punks, these two collections make up half of all transactions that made it into this week’s top 10 NFT sales list. 

Impressively, the top sale this week does not belong to one of the collections mentioned above. In fact, it’s a plot in Decentraland called Amazing, which switched owners for 510.000 MANA, or more than $1.32 million. The expensive virtual land now sits in the buyer’s wallet all by itself, as the only NFT stored on this address. 

In addition to the Amazing Decentraland plot, this week’s ranking also welcomes a Doodles NFT and THE FUD by XCOPY. Read on to check all top-grossing sales for Week 5 of 2022, and find out why CryptoPunks V2 are lagging behind. 

Top 10 NFT Sales – Week 5 / Jan 31 – Feb 6

  1. Amazing – $1.32 million / 510.000 MANA – buyer’s  wallet
  2. CloneX #4594 – $1.25 million / 450 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  3. CryptoPunk #4551 – $848.850 / 315 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  4. V1 PUNK #9368 – $823.760 / 300.69 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  5. CloneX #4491 – $797.600 / 270 WETH – buyer’s wallet
  6. Doodle #7675 – $694.600 / 250 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  7. V1 PUNK #8219 – $672.510 / 250 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  8. CloneX #15027 – $670.770 / 250 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  9. THE FUD – $668.770 / 222.2 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  10. CryptoPunk #2311 – $666.750 / 246.49 ETH – buyer’s wallet

CryptoPunks battle V1 Punks in top NFT sales

While CryptoPunks V2 generally dominate weekly sales rankings, a new phenomenon is threatening this reign. Last week, DappRadar reported the resurrection of the original CryptoPunks V1 collection. Judging by this week’s top sales list, the NFT community is picking up on this revival.

While two CryptoPunks V2 NFTs made it to the chart this week, V1 Punks stole the spotlight. The revived, wrapped version of the V1 Punks collection allows traders to safely put them for sale. Importantly, CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs are not associated with the resurrected project. 

In this sense, the battle between V1 Punks and the verified Larva Labs CryptoPunks V2 is going to be an interesting one to watch in the upcoming weeks. DappRadar will continue monitoring the activity on both collections. If you want to find out more about each of these projects, and other top-grossing sales, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join DappRadar PRO to gain access to exclusive Discord channels. 

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