Chromie Squiggles Whale Purchases 2 NFTs for $4 Million

Chromie Squiggles Whale Purchases 2 NFTs for $4 Million

What else does he own in his $24 million NFT portfolio

A dedicated Chromie Squiggles fan has made it to first place in DappRadar Top NFT Sales over the past 24 hours. A whale wallet purchased Chromie Squiggles #7583 and #2855 for a total of more than $4 million. The Art Blocks NFTs are now part of an NFT portfolio worth more than $24 million. 

Chromie Squiggles is one of the more recognizable Art Blocks collections. Sales for the colorful squiggly lines often make it to the top of DappRadar rankings. However, a bulk purchase of this magnitude is not that common.

It turns out the new owner of the two squiggles is an avid Art Blocks collector. A deep-dive into the new owner’s wallet with DappRadar’s new Portfolio Tracker reveals that he has spent more than $100 on gas fees minting through the Art Blocks website alone. Aside from that, gas spent on secondary marketplace OpenSea reaches $4,534. Not to mention secondary marketplace purchases with upwards of $13 million. 

Chromie Squiggle NFTs and more

Thanks to the wide array of functionalities DappRadar Portfolio Tracker offers, we can find out more about the Chromie Squiggles whale and the rest of his collection. Visiting the NFT tab of his portfolio, we can see that the total worth of $24 million comes from only 115 NFTs. These come from 11 different collections, of which Art Blocks holds the number one spot with 97 NFTs. 

Aside from Chromie Squiggles, this NFT collector is also very fond of the Art Blocks Ringers collection. Of course, there are other Art Blocks NFTs featured, such as Ethernal Pump #41, Fidenza #859, and a number of Subscapes NFTs. Interestingly, Art Blocks represents about 87% of the total value of this NFT portfolio, with more than $21 million.

Aside from the obvious fascination with Art Blocks, this whale also has a rather expensive Autoglyph NFT. Worth over $1 million, this is a true testament to the dedication to generative art this collector shows. The only SuperRare NFT in his wallet also strikingly resembles the Art Blocks style. 

The fascination with generative art is further exemplified with 6 DeadBeef NFTs. These audio-visual generative pieces have a combined value of almost $300,000. 

It is clear that Chromie Squiggles are merely a portion of this wallet’s treasures. Considering the magnitude of this collection, it becomes a little less surprising that the same collector purchased two Chromie Squiggles in a single day, and for the impressive amount of $4 million. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring such whale movements, and you can do too, thanks to the enhanced DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Check out the links below to find out more about it and other handy tools on the DappRadar website. 

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