Christie’s x OpenSea CyberKongz Raise $1.2M for Charity

Christie’s x OpenSea CyberKongz Auction Raises $1.2M for Charity

Two Kongz NFTs were sold during the auction in an effort to help Africa’s oldest national park

Activity for the CyberKongz NFT collection spiked in the past 24 hours, following a charity auction held in collaboration with Christie’s. Two CyberKongz NFTs switched owners for a cumulative value of 281.6 ETH, or more than $1.2 million. The funds are intended to help Virunga National Park, the oldest national park in Africa. 

In the past 24 hours, CyberKongz generated upwards of $2.4 million in trading volume, which is an 81% increase from the day before. Additionally, the number of traders interacting with the platform increased by close to 70%.

Following the auction, CyberKongz has steadily climbed up DappRadar Top NFT Collections charts. The gorillas are currently eighth in terms of trading volume for the past 24 hours, beating big competitors like Art Blocks, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

Virunga National Park is home to over one thousand species of mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian as well as 1/3 of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas. Donating the proceeds from the CyberKongz sales will help the park ensure the well-being of hundreds of gorillas. 

Two CyberKongz for sale

CyberKong  #201 and CyberKong #46 were on auction, organized by famous auction house Christie’s. The proceeds from both of these sales went to Virunga National Park’s wallet address as a charitable donation.

CyberKong #46 is now stored in Keung.eth’s wallet. Keung is obviously an avid NFT collector, as his portfolio consists of numerous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, several more CyberKongz and the impressive 57 the littles NFTs. He purchased CyberKong #46 for 96.6 ETH, or about $428,165. The CyberKong is currently the most expensive NFT in Keung’s wallet according to the DappRadar value estimator. 

CyberKong #201 was purchased by The Sandbox. Impressively, the team behind one of the most popular virtual worlds at the moment paid a whopping 185 ETH, or $820,395. The Sandbox has amassed a pretty interesting collection of NFTs in their portfolio. Aside from the charity auction CyberKong, the wallet also stores 2807 other NFTs with a total value of $26.7 million. Featuring big collections like BAYC, Cool Cats and World of Women, The Sandbox has an impressive portfolio

Those interested should also check out The Sandbox Alpha, which gamers can download for free from the official website. In the freely accessible test version of the game, players can visit a museum where The Sandbox showcases a part of their impressive collection. 

Christie’s is all in on NFTs

Christie’s teamed up with OpenSea to create an exclusive auction collection of 22 NFTs. The auction saw the two charity CyberKongz alongside the likes of art pieces by FVCKRENDER, Tristan Eaton, and Andre Oshea. 

The total volume generated during the auction reached 843 ETH, or close to $4 million. As is the case with CyberKongz, some of the proceeds went to charitable causes. Importantly, last night’s auction is further proof that traditional art dealers and auction houses are steadily recognizing the value in the NFT market.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the space, as more big names like Christie’s enter the NFT world. To learn the latest news about NFT auctions and sales, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our vibrant Discord community. 

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