Cheetah Gang Joins the NFT Race

Cheetah Gang Joins the NFT Race

Get your Cheetah Gang NFT on October 20th

The Cheetah Gang is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10.000 unique Cheetahs avatars. These profile picture NFTs support a noble cause: saving cheetahs from extinction. Find out more about the Cheetah Gang, and get ready for the official mint on October 20th at 1 PM UTC.

Created by a team of NFT enthusiasts, the Cheetah Gang takes on the challenge to use this tech in order to support a whole species of animals. Cheetahs are unfortunately part of the list of endangered species worldwide. This project wants to help and shift the trend to ultimately bring the mighty felines back to their glory days. 

The Cheetah Gang roadmap

With an ambitious roadmap and cool designs, the Cheetah Gang aims to capitalize on the power of NFTs to help out Cheetahs around the globe. According to the official website, when milestone six of the roadmap is completed, the team will donate 5% of all proceeds to animal welfare organizations, and another 5% to Cheetahs NFT holders. 

Aside from aiding the animals that inspired the collection, Cheetah Gang devs are looking to create a strong community. Several milestones in the roadmap focus on community-building opportunities and rewards. Once milestone 4 is reached, all Cheetahs NFT holders will be airdropped bonus NFTs. Additionally, when milestone 7 is accomplished, the collection devs will airdrop collaboration NFTs from other projects. 

Considering the extensive roadmap, it is no surprise the Cheetah Gang has already attracted an enviable community. With more than 14.000 Discord channel members, the collection’s general chat is definitely a fun place to hang. 

Cheetah Gang mint

In order to benefit from all these great community-driven events, you’ll need a Cheetah Gang NFT. You’re in luck as the mint for the collection will happen on October 20th at 1 PM UTC, so you still have plenty of time to get in.

To get an NFT from the collection, you will need an Ethereum wallet stocked ETH tokens. The mint price for one NFT is 0.077 ETH and the relevant gas fee at the time of mint. Importantly, collectors will be able to mint up to 7 NFTs per transaction, so keep that in mind.

Mark October 20th in your calendar, visit the official website, connect your wallet and start minting NFTs.  

NFTs are taking over

The Cheetah Gang is trying to successfully ride the NFT hype of the past couple of months for a noble cause. According to DappRadar data, the NFT space is now becoming the main driver of activity on the blockchain. 

In the latest DappRadar Industry Report, our analytics team reported that NFTs generated $10.67 billion in trading volume during Q3, an increase of 704% from the previous quarter. This is no small feat and a clear indicator that NFTs are here to stay. 

Considering this uptick in activity and trading volume, the Cheetahs collection is on the right track to raising sufficient funds to help their cause. DappaRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space, as more projects join with some exciting goals to look for. Check out the Cheetah Gang, and stay tuned for the official mint on Wednesday!

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