Cheetah Gang Community Is Growing

Cheetah Gang Community Is Growing

NFT collectors unite to save cheetahs from extinction

The Cheetah Gang is a collection of 10.000 avatar-style NFTs depicting algorithmically generated cheetah characters. The main goal of the collection is to create a strong community united by the mission to save cheetahs from extinction globally. 

While the collection only went live for minting on October 20th, it has already attracted more than 15.000 Discord members and upwards of 18.000 Twitter followers. This is already a serious community, and the Cheetah Gang is just getting started.

What is the Cheetah Gang?

The Cheetah Gang is among the newest collections to ride the wave of interest towards profile picture avatar-style NFTs. Created by a team of four NFT enthusiasts, the collection consists of 10.000 unique NFTs. Each of them represents a cheetah with different traits. 

The collection boasts a wide variety of traits, improving scarcity and rarity for collectors. There are a total of nine main traits, combined to make thousands of unique combinations. 

With a mint price of 0.04 ETH and a maximum of 7 Cheetah NFTs per transaction, this is also one of the more accessible NFT collections out there. The presale event for the collection is now live, and you can easily get your hands on an NFT here. Load up your Ethereum wallet and start minting. Keep in mind that each minted Cheetah Gang NFT contributes to a global effort to save this species from extinction. 

Cheetah Gang goals

While helping cheetahs all over the world is the most important goal before this collection, the team has set out to make this collection an experience for holders. According to the official roadmap, collectors who hold Cheetah Gang NFTs will be entitled to numerous bonus NFT airdrops. 

Additionally, the team is looking to organize multiple collaborative airdrops and possibly subsequent collections with other NFT artists. Of course, the main goal behind this is to gain exposure for the Cheetah Gang project and ultimately help these cute animals. Importantly, all NFTs in the collection come with a pre-set royalty percentage of 3%, which will go to the team and will then be redistributed for the further success of the collection. 

NFTs are on fire

The Cheetah Gang team is definitely on the right track. Especially, by trying to help out animal protection charities through an NFT collection. According to the most recent DappRadar Industry Report, the NFT space generated $10.67 billion in trading volume during Q3. This is an increase of 704% from the previous quarter.

Considering this stellar growth, and the vast amounts of money flowing into the space, NFTs will become the new hit in charity fundraising. Aside from a noble mission, the team has also created some of the cutest avatars out there. To learn more about the collection and its future goals, check out their official website, Discord, and Twitter. Also, don’t forget, the mint is still live, now is your chance to grab a Cheetah Gang NFT!

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