Chainclass Educates with 300 Hours of Multilingual Content

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Newly launched educational platform for the crypto curious

The Dubai-based crypto education company Chainclass just launched its learning platform, introducing users to the world of crypto through 300+ hours of content. It’s their goal to empower individuals globally, providing them with the knowledge required to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. 

Chainclass sets itself apart from other educational crypto platforms by offering a diverse range of learning formats. As a student of Chainclass you get video training, you can also join live webinars or download highly informative PDFs. This diverse approach makes sure that members have access to a variety of resources, while allowing them to pick the learning method that fits their needs.

300 hours of multilingual content

In order to tailor to the needs of every crypto enthusiast, Chainclass provides content in multiple languages. This includes for example English, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Ukrainian. Chainclass wants to ensure that people can enjoy their crypto education in their own native language. 

Furthermore, the content library available to members is extensive. They offer a total of more than 300 hours of educational content, covering a wide variety of topics. You learn about cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse, but also learn things like chart analysis and online marketing. Chainclass also provides coin reports with fundamental analysis, industry reports and a new AI experts course. 

Chainclass memberships

Those interested in Chainclass have the option to pick one of various memberships. The educational portal aims to tailor to individuals at different stages in their crypto journey. They support beginners seeking foundational knowledge, but also advanced users looking to deepen their understanding. In each package members can expect premium content, live interactions with industry experts, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.


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