Casper Announced Odra, a New Smart Contract Standard

Casper Network Odra smart contract standard dev

Building blocks for smart contract developers to improve development efficiency by 80%

Casper Association and OdraDev have announced Odra 1.0, a new smart contract standard for the Casper blockchain. This solution allows developers to build, test, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on Casper. 

Odra is a Rust-based framework designed to streamline smart contract development. This allows developers to focus on coding their decentralized applications, instead of reinventing the wheel whenever they need to write a new smart contract. 

Odra means to optimize development time, allowing developers to reuse and test code easily. This results in up to 80% gains in efficiency, leaving more time for developers to focus on things that matter, like business logic, security, and user experience, rather than on the tooling, configuration, and boilerplate code.  Odra will offer reusable modules, allowing developers to build complex systems. 

Key features of Odra

Odra sets itself apart through three key features:

Reusability: Odra emphasizes code reusability, enabling developers to build modular smart contracts effortlessly. By leveraging numerous pre-coded modules, developers can integrate complex functionalities rapidly, allowing for more efficient iteration and testing.

Event Standard: Odra outputs events in a format understood by, ensuring smooth integration and further aligning with the Casper Suite toolset. This standardization is crucial for developing applications that require comprehensive event tracking and diagnostics.

Broad Compatibility:  Alongside  streamlining development on Casper blockchain  Odra also bridges the gap for developers familiar with Solidity. While Solidity is popularized by the Ethereum ecosystem, Odra provides a similarly intuitive yet more powerful development experience using Rust, encouraging Solidity developers to make a seamless transition to Casper.

Building on Casper 

Casper is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, made by Casper Labs. What makes Casper stand out is the ease it offers enterprises and developers to adopt blockchain technology. A highly secure and high-performance blockchain, Casper offers instant finality and a flexible, low-cost transaction model. 

The unique features of Casper blockchain can be utilized to create solutions for various industries, including supply chain and, as recently announced by Casper Labs, AI governance. 

Prove AI uses the Casper blockchain to verify AI model usage, providing version control, access control, and other features crucial for corporate use.

Apart from AI governance, the Casper team focuses on macro trends such as tokenization, the implementation of financial standards, authenticity, ownership, and copyrights. Gaming and creator economy are also among the core focus areas of Casper. Odra framework will play a key role in building innovative solutions for each area Casper embraces.  

Casper Labs is working on a comprehensive protocol update, Condor. The release  will support Odra smart contracts. Formerly known as the 2.0 upgrade for Casper,  Condor encompasses several significant enhancements and new features designed to increase the network’s robustness, security, and usability. The Zug consensus mechanism will introduce flexible block times, which will make the protocol more robust, secure, and reliable. In addition, Condor  will introduce a new and completely unique gas model that will enable users to hold cspr in their wallet and reuse it over and over for transactions. This means that Casper will be a net zero-fee blockchain after Condor. 

How to get started with Odra 

This is a good moment for developers to dive into Casper. OdraDev and Casper Association made Odra open source. For developers eager to dive into Odra,  we recommended starting with the GitHub repository and the official Odra documentation, which includes comprehensive guides and examples.

For Odra resources, see below; 

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