Burberry x Blankos NFTs Sold Out in 30 Seconds

1500 Jet Packs and 750 Sharky B NFTs were gone in seconds

Fashion giant Burberry and Blankos Block Party, the signature multiplayer party game created by Mythical Games, had tremendous success with their latest collaborative NFT drop. The duo released a total of 2,250 NFTs, which sold out in about 30 seconds. 

The NFT drop included two major elements – Sharky B NFTs, which represent playable characters for the Blankos universe, and Jet Pack NFTs, which represent accessories for already owned characters in the game. The NFT drop also features several other accessories that enhance the appearance of Blanko characters in-game. These accessories include armbands and pool shoes and will be available in an unlimited supply for two more weeks. 

According to the official Blankos Twitter account, this is the NFT drop that sold out the fastest out of all held by the Blankos team so far, which includes an NFT drop with music artist Deadmau5. This is also the first time fashion giant Burberry enters the NFT space by launching digital collectibles.

What is more, the cheapest Burberry NFT was the jet pack, worth $100 each. Sharky B characters went for $300 each, meaning the whole NFT drop was worth about $375,000. This is an impressive achievement for Blankos, as all NFTs were gone in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that the floor price for a Sharky B NFT skyrocketed to $1,149 at the time of writing. 


What is Blankos?

Blankos is an innovative blockchain-based gaming platform, allowing players to create custom-made parties. Parties allow creators to set rules for the games, develop themed spaces for conversations, and many more. Currently, the platform supports shooting, racing, and collection-style games. 

This is an innovative approach to blockchain-based gaming. Allowing players the chance to create gameplay from scratch puts Blankos at the forefront of gaming innovation. In addition, players do not need to type a single line of code to create a party. This means that once you are in the Blankos interface, you get the opportunity to create hundreds of different gaming combinations while enjoying custom-made characters with numerous stylistic options. 

Interestingly, Blankos Block Party utilizes a custom EOSIO blockchain technology. It takes up characteristics from trusted gaming blockchains like EOS and WAX. Currently, the dev team is working on an Ethereum bridge in order to further boost compatibility on the platform.

The Burberry effect

The recent Burberry campaign has definitely been a serious marketing boost for Blankos. Blankos will receive a lot of exposure with the involvement of such a big name in the fashion industry.

The fact that the Burberry NFT collection sold out in less than a minute is a testament to the increased interest the game is experiencing. DappRadar will continue monitoring Blankos’ development, and we can’t wait to see the next big NFT collection the platform will launch.

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