Bunny Planet Sets Sail as the 1st Project From APENFT Marketplace Launchpad

APENFT marketplace launchpad

APENFT aims to build a bridge between top-notch artists and blockchain

APENFT Marketplace has announced the official release of its Launchpad. Bunny Planet, winner of the APENFT and TRON GameFi Hackathon, will become the first project to run Initial Game Offering (IGO) on the platform.


  • APENFT Marketplace is an NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain
  • The marketplace will soon integrate a Launchpad feature into its ecosystem.
  • Bunny Planet, a play-to-earn NFT game, will organize its IGO with the marketplace’s launchpad.
  • Bunny Planet allows users to collect, breed, fight and earn BYT tokens through its gameplay. 
  • TRON101 offers $2 million in funding projects on APENFT.

What is APENFT Marketplace?

Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is an NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain. The marketplace adopts the world’s largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS), to guarantee decentralization for its NFT storage. 

The APENFT firmly believes that NFTs should not be a luxury for the few. Instead, NFT should empower the creator economy and digital ownership. To achieve this goal, the APENFT team has launched several robust plans to make the NFT community as accessible and inclusive as possible. So far, the team has achieved many milestones.

The most significant advantage of creating NFTs on APENFT is the marketplace applies zero transaction fees at its initial stage. Therefore, creators can earn extra royalties on each trade. Moreover, the APENFT will offer NFT airdrops in the TRON ecosystem to incentivize the community for their support.

In addition, APENFT introduced the new Launchpad feature to foster promising NFT-powered projects. Ultimately, to further promote crypto mass adoption.

What is APENFT Marketplace Launchpad?

APENFT Marketplace Launchpad plays a crucial role in APENFT’s ecosystem as it incubates quality NFT-backed projects for the platform and thus stimulates crypto adoption and growth.

Launchpad offers investors the opportunity to invest in high-quality projects early. Apart from that, the platform serves as an incubator for projects that have the potential to stand out. This includes funding content creators, assisting projects to develop their marketing strategies, and more.

The introduction of the Launchpad adds diversity to the APENFT Marketplace ecosystem. Ultimately, APENFT will evolve into an all-encompassing platform that benefits investors, project owners, creators, and collectors.

Bunny Planet, the APENFT GameFi Hackathon winner, will be the first project to conduct an IGO once the Launchpad goes live. This month, the game will release its first open beta stage with its genesis Bunny NFT sale carried out exclusively on the APENFT Marketplace.

Collect, breed, fight and earn with Bunny Planet

Inspired by CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity, Bunny Planet is a blockchain-based game on the TRON network. The NFT collectible characters are called T.Bunnies and come with various utilities and levels of rarity. 

Apenft marketplace Bunny Planet

How to use T.Bunny

Players can use T.Bunny in Player vs. Environment (PVE) and Player vs. Player (PVP) battles. Forming a strong T.Bunny team is the key to winning the game. But it depends on users’ skills to develop the best lineup strategies to compete with other players. 

Visit Bunny Planet’s website to find out more about the gameplay. It is worth mentioning that there are specific rules to form a T.Bunny army. For instance, each player needs at least three but no more than 12 T.Bunnies.

How to get T.Bunny

Users will receive Mystery boxes containing T.Bunny by participating in the public sale. After this, users have two ways to obtain these NFTs. One is by purchasing them from the APENFT Marketplace, and the other is through breeding.

Getting T.Bunny NFTs is just the beginning. To master the game, users must deeply understand their genes, which determine the fighting power of a T.Bunny. Specifically, each Bunny has 12 genes, with four genes producing special skills for the Bunny. The remaining eight genes impact other attributes. 

Notably, a gene has four different levels of rarity. They are C, R, SR, and SSR, in increasing order of rarity. This Medium post will provide users with a comprehensive explanation of T.Bunny and how to use them better in the Open Beta version. 

The play-to-earn model explained 

Bunny Planet’s play-to-earn (P2E) model offers users various ways to earn rewards in BYT tokens and other in-game resources. 

Bunny Planet mobile game

For example, players can participate in battles and reap the rewards upon victory. Moreover, achieving higher ranks in the seasonal PVP tournaments will give players a chance to share a prize pool. Breeding rare bunnies and selling them on the APENFT marketplace is another way to earn rewards.

Users can use these resources to cultivate and improve their T.Bunny team. They need to build their territory on the Bunny Planet. The game is in the early stages and will be open for beta testing. In addition, it will host an open tournament with generous prizes. 

Follow Bunny Planet on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, and stay tuned. 

Thriving with APENFT

APENFT endeavors to establish conversations between stakeholders in the traditional art world and the emerging digital art community. It promotes inclusiveness and diversity, aiming to bring an engaging multimedia experience to all kinds of audiences. 

To encourage innovation and foster the creator economy, the Developer Sprint and the TRON101 Project offer $2 million and $90 million in prizes to onboard more projects to the APENFT Marketplace. 

Find out more about AENFT Marketplace

APENFT Marketplace | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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