Brie Larson Joins The NFT Space with Flower Girls Purchase

Brie Larson Joins The NFT Space with Flower Girls Purchase
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The actress is focusing on female-themed collections

Brie Larson, famous for her role as Captain Marvel, has joined the wave of celebrities who jumped on the NFT hype train. The actress recently announced she is now part of the Flower Girls community. 

Larson purchased Flower Girl #424 several days ago for 0.725 ETH, or about $2200. Since the official announcement, Flower Girl #424 has been moved to a different wallet. However, the account that initially purchased it is called Briethereum on OpenSea. Briethereum also holds two more Flower Girls NFTs.

What’s more, Brie Larson seems to place emphasis on collections with a strong female focus. Aside from the Flower Girls, Larson also owns a Women and Weapons NFT and a 1989 Sisters NFT.

At the time of writing, Brie Larson’s NFT portfolio is worth about $13.000. However, as she’s now revealed her interest in the space, we expect to see her NFT portfolio grow in size and value. 

Brie Larson did not use Moonpay

An interesting thing to note here is that Brie Larson purchased the NFT herself. Unlike many of her celebrity colleagues, Larson did not turn to the services of a crypto concierge firm. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon deemed it better to make their entry into the NFT space with the help of Moonpay. 

However, Brie Larson made the purchases directly to her personal wallet. This is a good sign as it shows more celebrities are willing to dive deeper into the space and understand how NFT trading works. Additionally, Larson’s personal involvement with the purchases shows that she really believes in the projects she’s bought into. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Brie Larson’s NFT adventures, and you can do that too, through the handy Celebrity Wallets page. Browse around the list of verified celebrity wallets and peek into what the VIPs are collecting. You can also go to the Portfolio tracker, take a look at your own wallet or track Brie Larson’s wallet.

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