Bricktopians NFT Collection Sells Out in 2 Minutes

Bricktopians NFT Collection Sells Out in 2 Minutes

Lego-inspired NFTs with 4D animation attract heaps of attention

Bricktopians is a collection of 10.000 unique NFTs inspired by the building blocks in a Lego-like set. The collection launched yesterday and sold out almost instantly – in under 2 minutes. Additionally, it has secured a top spot in DappRadar Top Collections Rankings for the past 24 hours. 

Beating big names in the NFT space like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Art Blocks, Bricktopians attracted upwards of $4.7 million in trading volume in one day. More traders interacted with the Lego-inspired collection than with The Sandbox, which is currently red-hot with activity. 

This is a stellar start for Bricktopians and a good sign that interest and activity will remain strong with this collection. But why is Bricktopians so popular? Read on to find out.

Bricktopians reimagine the NFT in 4D

One of the main hype drivers for the Bricktopians collection is the team’s view on what NFTs can be. While traditionally, collectors see simple 2D profile picture images in NFT collections, Bricktopians set out on a journey to reshape this vision.

According to the official website, the collection will undergo a second “reveal” event in the future. This reveal will add a further rarity level to the NFTs by introducing 4D animation to each of them. In this sense, Topians will become much more than a profile picture and move towards becoming genuine digital sculptures. 

To add the rarity level to their NFTs, collectors will have to use a special 4D serum, airdropped to holders. Additionally, each NFT come with 2D still images for profile pictures or recreation on other products like merch and promotional materials. 


Aside from the 4D serum event, Bricktopia founders have planned out an ambitious roadmap aiming to increase the collection’s scarcity. The BricktoForge will allow collectors to burn Topians to upgrade their favorite NFT. Upgrades will be unlocked during seasons, and once a season ends, those upgrades will never be available again.

Additionally, the team plans to create limited edition 1-of-1 Bricktopians depicting prominent figures and cultural icons. These NFTs will be offered to the celebrity, and if not claimed, will be auctioned off as exclusive additions to the collection. 

Last but not least, Bricktopians founders are also working on a subsequent collection. It will be free to mint and only available to Bricktopians NFT holders. The team plans to reach out to other NFT collections, to collaborate and reimagine their collection in 3D using the Brickto-AI software. 

Stellar performance

While new NFT collections spring daily and hourly, few of them manage to attract the level of attention Bricktopians have. Selling out in only a couple of minutes is a feat on its own. However, the collection has also maintained popularity on secondary markets.

With close to 15.000 sales already and a trading volume of more than $8 million since launch, Bricktopians is one of the most successful NFT drops in recent months. At the time of writing, the floor price for a Bricktopians NFT on the secondary market is 0.34 ETH, or close to $1500. 

DappRadar will follow the Bricktopians collection closely as the 4D serum and subsequent collections drop. To stay on top of NFT news, follow the official DappRadar Twitter account. You can also join our Discord community for interesting NFT discussions. 

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