Blur Marketplace & Token Airdrop Complete Guide

Blur Explained_ All About The Leading NFT Marketplace Aggregator

Unveiling the potential of Blur – a comprehensive guide for traders and collectors in the NFT space

Blur has risen to prominence as the leading NFT marketplace by trading volume in 2023, and this is your guide to the BLUR token airdrop. Its advanced trading features and unique token airdrop incentives, caters to both newcomers and veteran traders in the NFT space. Delve into the world of Blur to understand its impact on the market, the role of the BLUR token, and how its innovative strategies are reshaping NFT collecting.


What is Blur?

Blur is an NFT marketplace platform on Etherem that has gained recognition for its innovative approach, which includes user-centric design and advanced trading tools.

Focused on enhancing the NFT trading experience, it offers features like a streamlined interface and real-time analytics, particularly appealing to professional traders.

Notably, Blur has pioneered NFT marketplace aggregation, introduced NFT lending, and developed Layer 2 solutions with native yield functionalities, reflecting a significant evolution in trading, buying, and selling digital assets and improving efficiency and accessibility for participants in the NFT domain.

How it works: NFT Marketplaces vs Aggregators

To fully appreciate Blur’s unique position in the NFT space, it is crucial to understand the difference between traditional NFT marketplaces and aggregators. Traditional NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea and Magic Eden, function as standalone platforms where users can buy, sell, or mint NFTs.

In contrast, NFT aggregators like Blur aggregate listings from various marketplaces, providing users with a comprehensive view of the market. This aggregation allows for more informed decision-making, as traders can compare prices and rarity across platforms, all within a single interface.

Following Blur’s successful launch in October 2022 and its rise in popularity, other platforms have also started incorporating marketplace aggregator features and tools, emulating its innovative approach.

Blur’s key features for professional traders

Blur aggregator for professional NFT traders

Blur stands out with several key features specifically designed for professional traders. These include:

  • Batch Buying and Selling: Enables the purchase or sale of multiple NFTs in a single transaction, saving time and reducing gas fees.
  • Portfolio Management Tools: Provides detailed analytics and insights into one’s NFT holdings and trading performance.
  • Advanced Filtering and Searching: Facilitates the discovery of NFTs based on specific criteria such as rarity, collection, and price trends.
  • Real-Time Price Feeds: Offers up-to-the-minute pricing information, ensuring traders can make timely decisions based on current market conditions.

How to use Blur to trade NFTs

Trading NFTs on Blur is a straightforward process:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Begin by connecting your Ethereum wallet to the Blur platform.
  2. Browse Collections: Utilize the platform’s robust search and filtering tools to find NFTs of interest.
  3. Analyze and Decide: Leverage Blur’s real-time analytics to make informed buying or selling decisions.
  4. Execute Trades: Engage in batch buying or selling to efficiently manage your NFT portfolio.

The BLUR Token

The BLUR token, launched in February 2023, is an integral component of Blur’s ecosystem, serving both as a utility and governance token. As an ERC-20 token, BLUR enables its holders to participate in the decision-making processes related to the platform’s development.

The token reached its all-time high price of $5.02 on the month it was launched, demonstrating its market potential. Conversely, its all-time low was recorded at $0.15 in October the same year.

BLUR crypto token price at DappRadar
You can track BLUR’s token price on DappRadar.

Holders of BLUR are not only pivotal in shaping the platform’s future but are also eligible for various rewards and incentives, enhancing their engagement and investment in the platform.

NFT lending with Blend

Since its introduction in May 2023, Blend, a feature known as Blur Lending, has become a prominent force in the NFT lending market. On its launch day, Blend marked a significant milestone, achieving a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $5.21 million.

This feature within the Blur platform offers innovative lending and borrowing mechanisms centered around non-fungible tokens, contributing to enhanced liquidity and new investment strategies in the NFT space.

Blur’s layer 2: the Blast blockchain

Announced in November 2023, the Blast Blockchain is the latest innovation from the creators of Blur, currently the leading NFT marketplace aggregator on Ethereum.

This Layer 2 solution is designed to enhance both the user experience and the scalability of the platform. By aiming to reduce transaction costs and accelerate trade speeds, Blast Blockchain seeks to make NFT trading more efficient and broadly accessible.

Set to go live in Q2 2024, it has also launched an airdrop campaign for its BLAST token, named Blast Early Access. This campaign garnered significant interest, attracting over $450 million in deposits within the first week following its announcement.

BLUR airdrop: How to farm tokens

Blur’s innovative airdrop strategy, segmented into multiple seasons, is designed to distribute BLUR tokens to its users, fostering engagement and participation on the platform.

Season 1 of the airdrop was primarily aimed at rewarding early adopters and active users of the platform. Participants in this phase earned tokens based on their trading volume and how they engaged with the marketplace.

Season 2 built upon the foundations of the first season, introducing additional criteria and incentives. This phase was geared towards further engaging the community and promoting usage of the platform.

Season 3, following the conclusion of Season 2 in November 2023, is powered by Blast. The Season 3 airdrop divides its rewards equally between NFT traders and BLUR holders: 50% of the rewards go to NFT traders through Blur Points, obtained by activities such as bidding, listing, and lending, while the remaining 50% go to BLUR holders, who earn Holder Points with a multiplier based on the time held. This season is set to last until May 2024, with all rewards provided by Blast L2​​.

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Blur is definitely one of the most important NFT dapps in the space. Make sure you follow its journey. Compare Blur stats and data using the DappRadar NFT Marketplaces Ranking.

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