Blockchain Heroes sell out in 30 minutes

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WAX shows why its king of the collectibles

Blockchain Heroes is a collectible digital trading card set featuring original characters inspired by blockchain and cryptocurrency personalities.

Not just personalities but the inventors, investors, supporters, and evangelists of blockchain. Except here, they are superheroes fighting for the virtues of decentralization, privacy, transparency, and freedom.

The creators

Joel Comm and Travis Wright, co-hosts of the popular show The Bad Crypto Podcast, are the developers behind this new trading card set. In nearly three years, the pair have amassed a stunning 9 million downloads of their shows.

In March 2020, they were among the first to act on the cancellation of in-person conferences due to the spread of Covid-19 by producing and hosting the highly successful Virtual Blockchain Week 2020.

In May, the duo also debuted The NiFTy Show, a live video podcast focusing on the NFT and digital collectible world. Now their Blockchain Heroes card packs have proved to be a game-changer, selling out in less than thirty minutes.

Blockchain Heroes

The cards are available through the WAX blockchain exclusively and available to trade, buy and sell on the Atomic Market protocol. With the bonus of being able to sign in using your WAX Cloud Wallet.

On Saturday the 8th of August, the doors opened to purchase Blockchain Heroes packs and the WAX team report having never seen anything like it. Their WAX Cloud Wallet received twenty-five times the amount of traffic they had ever received before in a matter of seconds. That’s how many people were ready to buy packs.

48hrs of success

The number of daily active unique wallets jumped on the Atomic Marketplace from 100 at the start of August to over 700 by launch day on the 8th of August. This will in part be due to eager users signing up early.

Blockchain Heroes

Albeit despite some big technical difficulties the Blockchain Heroes team stated in an email to their supporters that they would have sold out in 5 minutes at the pace they witnessed, had there been no hiccups. 

After some apologies by the WAX CEO himself William Quigley and some rapid server upgrades, the sale ended up taking place in two parts. 

The first sale ended in around 15 minutes. Data below from the Atomic Marketplace dapp shows that the sale generated 1.1M WAX, which at the time of writing is around $53,000.

The second sale lasted approximately 10 mins and generated 522k WAX which at the time of writing is around $28,000. Within 30 minutes these NFT collectibles had sold out and raised over $80,000. 

AtomicMarket is a smart contract protocol running on the WAX blockchain. The protocol makes it easy to build NFT marketplaces without extensive blockchain or smart contract knowledge. 

Already we can see the secondary market is alive with sellers trying to move on ultra-rare and limited edition cards they received in their purchased deck.

Blockchain Heroes

$215 asking price on a Subatomic card

For those that bought the packs and for those looking to get them on the secondary market. Blockchain Heroes say that on Wednesday 12th August they will be making a GAME- CHANGER of an announcement.  And yes, there will be pack giveaways. Register at

WAX finding its niche

In May 2020, the Topps Trading Cards company released its infamous Garbage Pail Kids trading cards in digital format on the WAX blockchain. The cards completely sold out in less than 28 hours and are now in great demand among collectors in a secondary market.

A quick look at the top ten dapps on the WAX blockchain shows that 80% of the most active dapps in regards to volume over the last 7-days are in the marketplaces, collectibles, exchange, and other categories.

Blockchain Heroes

“We’ve been dabbling with nonfungible tokens for our podcast listeners for several months,” said Joel Comm, co-founder of Blockchain Heroes. “When we saw what Topps and WAX were able to create together, we discovered the ideal conduit to release a new product, which we believe will be embraced by the blockchain community. These cards are going to be fun to collect and trade!”

The project is being funded by a grant from WAX Labs, a worker proposal system designed to grow the WAX Blockchain through decentralization and innovation

“The team at WAX has received many proposals for new projects since the success of the Topps Garbage Pail Kids,” said Evan Vandenberg, director of business development at WAX. 

“We are excited to be working with Blockchain Heroes to make this exciting collectible card set a reality. Joel and Travis have put together some incredibly creative collecting concepts and artwork. Combine that with crypto-centric themes and characters, and I think you have an incredibly interesting project for the space.”

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