Blockchain Gaming Attracts 140% More Players in Q3

Blockchain Gaming Attracts 140% More Players in Q3

In contrast, DeFi saw 11% less unique active wallets in the past three months

Blockchain gaming has become the top-performing sector in the industry, according to the latest DappRadar Industry Report. In the past three months, blockchain-based games welcomed 140% more players compared to Q2. In contrast, the DeFi and NFT sectors saw a decrease of 11% and 2%, respectively. This data puts blockchain gaming at the top spot, attracting users and pushing the technology into the mainstream. 

The blockchain industry as a whole expanded more than 25% between July and September, which is “no mean feat,” according to DappRadar Co-founder and CEO Skirmantas Januškas.

The blockchain industry saw quite some results in the past quarter — 25% UAW growth is no mean feat. But it’s the developments, the attitudes changing, the new trends emerging in those three short months that really scream “dapps got game”.

Skirmantas Januškas

And indeed, “dapps got game” seems to be the perfect description for the past three months. Games like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Alien Worlds continue to attract hundreds of thousands of players each month. Not to mention newcomers to the space like the Polygon-based Arc8 or CryptoBay on Binance Smart Chain, which have seen a stellar rise to the top of DappRadar Games charts. 

Interestingly, games are taking over regardless of the protocol they are based on. This speaks for the broader impact of the blockchain gaming industry. With more players stepping out of traditional gaming and joining blockchain-based play-to-earn opportunities, blockchain tech is steadily entering the mainstream. 

Blockchain gaming is not the only top performer

While blockchain gaming stands out as the highlight of the recent DappRadar Industry Report, the DeFi and NFT spaces should not be underestimated. Both of these sectors indeed saw some decreases in activity compared to the previous quarter. However, the report points out that all sectors of the blockchain industry have expanded in August. 

The NFT market cap for the top 100 Ethereum collections and NBA Top Shots is now estimated at $14.19 billion. At the same time, new DeFi projects on Solana, Terra, and Avalanche attracted thousands of investors. Admittedly, both DeFi and NFTs have a little catching up to do to reach the explosive growth the gaming space saw. Yet, their performance should not be misinterpreted. NFTs generated $10.67 billion in trading volume. Simultaneously, the TVL in the DeFi industry rose 53% in the past quarter to $178.12 billion.

The blockchain space is rapidly evolving on all fronts, and we’re excited to be at the center of this development. To get a more comprehensive view of what happened in the blockchain industry in Q3, check out the full DappRadar industry report here

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