Blockchain Games Attract $1.1 Billion in Investments in January

Blockchain Games Attract $1.1 Billion in Investments in January

Gaming dapps account for 52% of all activity on the blockchain

A recent DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report revealed that blockchain games have attracted around $1.1 billion in investments in January alone. This is a stellar start of 2022 for the sector, as mainstream brands and companies start to find their place on the blockchain.

Towards the end of 2021, blockchain gaming and the metaverse took center stage. Virtual worlds and play-to-earn platforms attracted a huge chunk of the overall activity in the space. This trend continues at the beginning of 2022, as gaming dapps accounted for 52% of all blockchain activity in January. 

According to the recent DappRadar and BGA Report, blockchain games and their infrastructure have the potential to reach new records in 2022. Importantly, the macroeconomic signals observed in 2021, continue in full force in January. 

Blockchain games attract mainstream investments

The trends observed in the game dapps category signal the massive potential for the blockchain gaming space in 2022. Sustained demand and the amount of capital invested emphasize the opportunity that’s presented here. Most prominently, this interest hints at the further involvement of the $200 billion traditional gaming industry.

With 2.4 billion active users worldwide, mainstream gaming is one of the largest sectors in the entertainment industry. Now, leading gaming and tech companies have shown increased interest in the potential of blockchain-based games and their role in the metaverse narrative.

Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Electronic Arts have all made a move into the blockchain space. Still, this is just the first step towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming space. While big names in the space are toying with the possibilities, it seems the community is not ready for mass adoption yet. One example of this is the recent failed attempt for the launch of a Worms-themed metaverse avatar NFT collection

Despite this resistance, blockchain gaming is steadily gaining momentum. DappRadar reports show that blockchain games attract the largest portion of activity across all sectors of the space. To learn the latest blockchain gaming news, follow DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, check out the DappRadar Reports section to find in-depth analysis of all sectors of the blockchain space.

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