Blockchain Game Review: Prospectors

prospectors review

Taking a closer look at the best dapp games available.

Prospectors is one of the most popular blockchain games currently available and was the first massively multiplayer game (MMO) on EOS, and now on WAX. Prospectors offer players a real-time economic strategy game with a fully user-generated economy.

The game world resembles the XIXth century – the epoch of the initial capital accumulation. More commonly known as the ‘Gold Rush’.

A time when rumors had spread about the uninhabited Northern lands, rich in gold deposits. News intrigued many people in search of fortune. Caravans of gold miners headed northwards, taking their families and abandoning their shanty homes. Gold dealers, moneylenders, traders, and a whole lot of adventurers followed.

Protocol: EOS | WAX

How to play Prospectors

There are a lot of ways to succeed in Prospectors. Searching for gold is maybe the most obvious way, but sometimes not the easiest. Every process in the game takes time. Players have to complete multiple steps to reach goals.

Luckily there is a great tutorial offered up by the aptly named ‘Helpie’ once you enter the game. Helpie’s job is to walk new players through the initial stages and getting set up.

You can find a full article by the Prospectors team here that outlines some great hints and tricks to get off to a flying start.

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