Billion Dollar Market Cap: The First Atemporal Time Capsule Canvas

Buy a versatile pixel, support a next-level gaming experience

Billion Dollar Market Cap is the first digital project iUPixel released. The interactive digital canvas aims to attract collectors and investors, who will boost the production of iUPixel’s upcoming gaming experiences bringing to life innovative real estate technology. With an ambitious roadmap ahead, BDMC is just the first step towards creating World Class Gaming Experiences.

Inspiration for Billion Dollar Market Cap came from Alex Tew, who in 2005 launched the website The Million Dollar Homepage. Tew’s goal was to raise enough money to pay for his college tuition by selling pixels from his website. The project was an extreme success and sold out pretty fast.

Inspired by Alex Tew’s success story, iUPixel decided to create the Billion Dollar Market Cap. While Tew utilized simple website space, iUPixel is taking it a step further by offering blockchain space. The BDMC canvas consists of only 2,073,600 pixels grouped in sections of 10×10 (100 pixels). A hundred pixels is the minimum amount of pixels you can buy, and each group stores an image (or a portion of an image) using IPFS Tech. Not only that, each pixel has its representation on the Ethereum blockchain through an NFT. 

Following the same structure as the Million Dollar Homepage, all pixels on the BDMC canvas will be clickable. This gives the owner the opportunity to redirect viewers to a custom-selected website and also display a description.

Billion Dollar Market Cap

Another cool feature of the BDMC canvas is that it allows pixel owners to use them in a variety of ways. While the main purpose might be to add an image, description, or link that will be forever recorded on the blockchain, pixel owners have other options as well. You can easily rent or sell your pixel to interested parties, activating a new stream of passive income. 

Considering the fact that each 10×10 pixel block portion of the canvas can only be owned by one person via NFT, demand for BDMC pixels is bound to be high. Not to mention, that you can purchase more than one pixel in the same area and create a big portion of BDMC real estate for yourself. 

“We are headed towards a bright future. Think about Billion Dollar Market Cap as a time capsule, that we can all hop on for an endless ride.”

— iUPixel Team

Billion Dollar Market Cap will allow you to become part of a revolutionary blockchain-based canvas. You will be able to own a little piece of history. But how do you purchase pixels?

Purchasing pixels on the Billion Dollar Market Cap canvas

As the first official iUPixel project, Billion Dollar Market Cap will require interaction with the platform’s native token PIXEL. Purchasing PIXEL tokens is easy through their new Balancer v2 Exchange or At the time of writing, the price for one PIXEL token is $0.03. This means that pixels on the canvas still go relatively cheap, however, this might change in the future.

Different community building vesitng strategies currently benefit from 50 million PIXELs. Find out more about the ways in which you can benefit from them.

The next community vesting strategy in the iUPixel’s team will allow you to travel in time! You will be able to travel one year into the future, in a matter of seconds, you just need to provide liquidity in the new ETH/PIXEL pool in Balancer v2 and then stake your LP token in what they call the FLASH yield lockup pool, freezing your LP tokens for a year, but getting the rewards of that year immediately. You will get an immediate return of 30% of the amount of PIXEL tokens you staked, back in PIXEL tokens while supplies last – 30 Million PIXEL tokens or $1,200,000 at its current price! For more information join iUPixel’s Telegram channel.

At this moment $PIXEL’s total supply is one billion. A total of 200 million $PIXEL tokens ($8 million) have been distributed and locked in liquidity before the launch of the Billion Dollar Market Cap.

According to the official roadmap for BDMC, users will gain access to the canvas this summer.

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