Biggest Bored Ape Whales Move Their APE to Exchanges

BAYC Whales

Uniswap V3, Binance and FTX are the three main destinations

The biggest Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT whales were all eligible to pick up generous amounts of APE tokens yesterday. Analysis shows that most have moved their APE to exchanges such as Uniswap V3, Binance, and FTX where the most likely outcome was a sell or trade. 

Bored Ape whales that have claimed APE tend to sell their tokens. While some sold them all, others sold chunks, and as mentioned some have not collected them yet. 

The biggest whales in the Bored Ape Yacht Club community have received large amounts of APE tokens in an airdrop that began on March 17. The top ten BAYC whales hold a total of 655 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, and many more Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) NFTs. Among them, Dingaling leads the pack with 113 Bored Ape NFTs. 

As mentioned, holders of BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC were eligible for the drop with differing amounts depending on what they held. Importantly we are looking here at the 6 out of the top 10 BAYC NFT holders that have claimed their APE tokens. Those same wallets can also hold MAYC and BAKC NFTs, each of them earning the owner APE tokens, as outlined below. 

Who’s selling? 

Atop the pile is the NFT influencer and collector Dingaling with a mighty collection of 112 BAYC NFTs alongside 98 MAYC and 110 BAKC NFTs. His collection bagged him 1,434,898 APE, of which they sold 1,199,999 APE, leaving 234,899 APE. Meaning Dingaling sold 83.6% of their allocation for approximately $14.3 million, alternatively, they could be trading or staking it on FTX.

Bored APE Whale

Smaller NFT holders also sold APE, for example, Canaryvault.eth with 72 BAYC and, 20 MAYC NFTs received 767,608 APE and has now moved 765,566, meaning that they cleaned out 99.7% of their APE tokens. Looking at the transaction the tokens were sent to Binance where the most likely outcome was a trade or to sell. 

Bored APE Whale

Finally, this anonymous wallet contains 50 BAYC NFTs and received 494,606 APE and moved 100% of it immediately to trading platform FTX where once again the most likely outcome is a sell or trade.

Bored APE Whale

Who’s holding? 

As mentioned, some whales haven’t collected their APE as yet and some are holding. Interestingly the second-largest BAYC NFT holder, Jrnyclub.eth, is holding all 1,278,360 APE tokens with a value at writing of more than $19 million. While the third-largest holder hasn’t claimed their APE at the time of writing.

Bored APE Whale

APE Price going up

After a slightly rocky start, the APE token has continued to increase in value since launching on March 17 and is currently valued at almost $16. Sell pressure appears to be low as advocates and diamond-handed investors keep hold of their APE. At this early stage, it is difficult to predict the next 48 hours but it would appear that BAYC whales cashing out quickly has not affected the token or its price. 

In the coming days, it will be interesting to see how the token performs as more eligible NFT holders claim their allocation of APE. Lots of sell pressure could bring the value of the token down in the short term. As mentioned there are some wallets yet to collect that are potentially sitting on millions of dollars in APE. 

However, the BAYC community is strong and showed on numerous occasions that they have succeeded in building a brand around the collection that not only creates an exclusive feel for those inside but one of FOMO for those not in the gang. 

Top 10 Bored Ape NFT wallets

Want to explore the top ten BAYC NFT holder wallets? Click below and away you go! 

  1. Dingaling.eth 
  2. Jrny.eth 
  3. 0x98e711f31e49c2e50c1a290b6f2b1e493e43ea76
  4. Canaryvault.eth
  5. vault.j1mmy.eth
  6. Machibigbrother.eth
  7. 0xf8e0c93fd48b4c34a4194d3af436b13032e641f3
  8. 0xa7ab7a265f274fa664187698932d3cabb851023d
  9. goldape.eth
  10. Bkr.eth
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