Top Web3 Marketing Agencies to Partner With in 2024

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Developers can utilize these marketing teams to reach new audiences

Developing a decentralized application is a challenge on its own, but marketing in Web3 is a whole different ball game. In this article we will take a look at some of the top Web3 marketing firms in the market. What do they offer? And how can you as a dapp developer utilize their marketing expertise to boost your project in the best way possible?

We at DappRadar believe everybody should be using DappRadar, of course. It’s not without reason that DappRadar has become the number one destination for users to find their favorite dapps. As a developer you obviously need to list your project on DappRadar through our developer dashboard, and you need to do regular updates as your project grows. 

However, we know too well that developing a high quality project doesn’t automatically mean that you will find success. Marketing plays a role too, and that’s why we have selected these marketing firms for your consideration.

Lunar Digital Assets

Without a doubt, one of the top tier agencies is Lunar Digital Assets, a Web3-native marketing agency that developed and executed branding and marketing strategies for top tier crypto projects since the early days of DeFi. Lunar Digital Assets has worked on the rebranding of Matic Network to Polygon, which now partnered with Starbucks, Nike and Reddit. The marketing agency has expanded its services into the realm of incubation, including DeFi platforms QuickSwap and Kinetix, and Layer-1 network Dogechain. LDA also stepped into media production with QuickSwap’s podcast hit “All Roads Lead to Polygon”, which not only became one of the most popular crypto podcasts of the year, but also a popular Spaces on X. LDA is looking to expand its services in the gaming sector, but also in the world of art, music and film.


Developers that are looking to work with influencers, should take a look at the services provided by NeoReach. This marketing agency manages millions of dollars per year on influencer marketing, and they developed their own content creator intelligence tool indexing over 250 million creators. NeoReach seems very suitable for influencer marketing that needs to scale up fast, while also offering account management, paid media amplification and other marketing services.


Where the previous entry also looks at general influencer marketing, Coinbound is a Web3 marketing firm tailored towards cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT influencers. Their network spreads across social media platforms such as X, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more. Coinbound offers PR support and community management services. They helped organizations like MetaMask, Cosmos, Gala Games, EtherMail and eToro.

Omni Agency

Developers need to help with marketing, and Omni Agency is there to help you out. They help companies to plan their strategy, manage their community, arrange paid media and PPC ads, while also managing the social media impact. Combine that will some guerilla marketing and influencer marketing, and it’s no surprise that they worked with Phantom Galaxies, Vulcan Forged, WAGMI Games and others.


In Web3 it’s very important to find an audience that supports you. CrowdCreate is the agency that helps you to find a following through social media, PR services, influencer marketing, brand video creation etc. CrowdCreate works with early stage companies, but also with fast growing startups or bigger corporations. Among their clientele we find companies like Kyber Network, Celo, Upland, BitMex, Casper, The Sandbox, but also Animoca Brands, Lenovo, and Kucoin.


Lemonade positions itself as a Web3 marketing agency that goes deep into cutting edge technology, such as blockchain, VR and AR. They offer full-service campaign support, blockchain insights and expertise in crypto and NFT markets. It’s because of that, that they have worked with companies like Square Enix, Iskra, Dapper Labs and even Netflix.

Closing words

Web3 marketing is a challenge, because social media and Google search results are only one of the few ways to find the Web3 audience. Web3 marketing goes deeper, and dives into crypto wallets, NFT holdings and other ways to engage existing audiences. These Web3 marketing agencies can help you find your audience. We are confident that listing your project on DappRadar should be part of your user acquisition strategy.

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