Top REVV Motorsport Games Pioneering Blockchain Racing

Top REVV Motosport Games Pioneering Blockchain Racing
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Get to know the best games by the Animoca Brands-backed gaming ecosystem REVV Motorsport

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain games, few platforms have captured the essence of racing and play-to-earn mechanics as seamlessly as REVV Motorsport. Powered by the expertise of Animoca Brands, REVV Motorsport has introduced games that not only entertain but also reward players in the blockchain arena. Dive in as we take a lap around this exhilarating ecosystem and explore the top titles that have accelerated it to fame. Strap in!


What is REVV Motorsport?

A brainchild of Animoca Brands, REVV Motorsport stands at the intersection of cutting-edge blockchain technology and immersive motorsport gaming. By consolidating their portfolio of racing games under this umbrella, in this ecosystem where gameplay and tokenomics merge players are offered tangible rewards from playing.

Top REVV Motorsport games

The REVV Motorsport platform boasts four iconic games, each with its unique charm and innovative gameplay mechanics. And Animoca has plans to expand the ecosystem further down the line. But now, let’s get into gear and explore each of the existing REVV Motorsports games.

REVV Racing

Leading the charge in the REVV Motorsport universe is REVV Racing, the foundational title that set the gold standard.

REVV Racing Game

As the inaugural offering in the REVV lineup, this game has not only showcased the potential of blending motorsport with blockchain but has also paved the way for the innovative titles that followed in its tracks. The intricacy of gameplay, combined with the allure of tangible rewards and in-game NFTs, makes REVV Racing a benchmark in the blockchain gaming world.

How to Play and Win: REVV Racing

Formula E: High Voltage

Recently released on 19 October 2023, Formula E: High Voltage lets you dive into the exhilarating world of electric car racing. Players step into the shoes of racing team managers, strategizing every move to climb to the top of the championship leaderboard.

Formula E High Voltage Game

Developed in collaboration with Amber, it leverages the energy-efficient Flow blockchain, ensuring players’ digital ownership of in-game assets as NFTs. Race through iconic city tracks, manage your electric race car roster, and showcase your management prowess to the world. With everything from common to legendary NFTs, Formula E: High Voltage offers a dynamic gaming experience.

MotoGP Ignition

Feel the thrill of being a team manager with MotoGP Ignition. As the second title in the REVV series, it offers players the chance to harness the power of NFTs to elevate their play-to-earn journey.

MotoGP Ignition Game

Own assets like bikes, riders, and parts, trade them, and even stake your claim to real prizes. Compete in tournaments, challenge fellow players, and demonstrate your strategic acumen in this riveting management game.

Torque Drift 2

Envisioned by Grease Monkey Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and developed in collaboration with Mishimoto, Torque Drift 2 stands as a testament to realistic drift racing simulation. As the official on-chain game for Formula DRIFT, it promises to deliver a bona fide racing experience for both Web2 and Web3 gamers. 

Torque Drift 2 Game

Built on the eco-conscious Polygon blockchain, the game is set to launch in 2024. However, for those itching for a test drive, an early access version is available for download on Epic Games Store.

Torque Drift 2 Gives Players Ownership Through User Generated Content

REVV Motorsport ecosystem tokenomics

At the heart of this exhilarating ecosystem lies the REVV token. As an ERC20 token, REVV is the lifeblood that fuels the gameplay across all REVV Motorsport games.

Players can earn REVV as gameplay rewards and through staking. The token then recirculates within the ecosystem as players spend it on gameplay fees or NFT acquisitions.

Beyond just REVV, the ecosystem also introduces other tokens like SHRD and CATA, each playing its part in enriching the player experience and fortifying the ecosystem’s economy.

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