Best NFT and Crypto Games in Web3 for 2024

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A comprehensive list of various Web3 gaming projects launching in 2024

No matter whether 2024 will turn out to be a breakthrough for blockchain technology, it’s also very clear that games can push the adoption of crypto, Web3 and NFTs. In this article you will find a list of Web3 games of which we have big hopes moving into 2024. 


This article is not meant as financial advice. Furthermore, we hope that each of these games will have a playable build, open beta release or full release in 2024. However, as we are not the developers, we can’t guarantee that. In addition, this list is not an endorsement, while in addition we think there are many more exciting projects being developed as we write this.

The ultimate Web3 games list for 2024

Below you will find the titles we have selected for this article. For each game we will provide a short description, and an expected release date of either the game or a beta test. For each game we will also provide a link to the project page on DappRadar, and a link to the token page.



  • A role-playing game ecosystem with open world adventure and pet battles
  • Built on Immutable
  • Players can own Land NFTs, Illuvials and items
  • ILV is the native token 
  • Illuvium Beta now playable through Epic Games Store


  • A third-person mech shooter with co-op PVE and 50 vs 50 PVP combat
  • Built on Immutable
  • MetalCore Infantry Genesis collection gives early access, future airdrops and more
  • Uses FAB as an in-game token
  • Play test ended in December 2023, more expected in 2024

Torque Drift 2

  • A competitive, car racing and drifting game with lots of user generated content
  • Built on Polygon
  • Grease Monkey Keychains are on Polygon, and so are collectible cars
  • There’s no native token, but Torque Drift 2 is part of the REVV ecosystem
  • Playable through Epic Games Store, as new features get added regularly.


  • An open-world action game, think GTA Online, with lots of user-generated content
  • Uses NFTs on Ethereum, but could very well integrate with a different chain in the future
  • There are Helix Citizens (PFPs), Apartments, and other game items
  • LIX is the native token (unreleased)
  • Game playable occasionally through play tests, no release date set yet.

Star Atlas

  • Star Atlas is a space epos, consisting of various games and activities, including resource gathering.
  • Built on its own Solana
  • Shrapnel Operator NFTs give you access 
  • ATLAS is the utility token, POLIS is the governance token
  • SAGE Labs playable in browser, other play tests through Epic Games Store.


  • A third person online survival RPG set in a postapocalyptic world
  • Built on Solana
  • There are no NFTs live yet 
  • DIO is the native token 
  • Currently in closed alpha test, visit their Discord for info.


  • A Minecraft-inspired ecosystem where players can create their own game modes and worlds
  • Built on its own TopiaChain and Ethereum
  • Players can own Topia World NFTs, the Genesis Avatars and game items
  • TOPIA is the native token 
  • Closed alpha test for hardcore community, will open up more in early 2024.

Sipher Odyssey

  • A fast-paced, skill-based, third-person action RPG for desktop and mobile devices
  • Built on Ethereum
  • There are Neko and Inu character NFTs, but also spaceships
  • SIPHER is the native token 
  • Currently closed alpha play test for mobile devices, iOS and Android.

Nifty Island

  • A content creation metaverse world where NFT communities collide and battle for rewards
  • Built on Ethereum
  • Legendary Palm NFTs gives holders earning and content creation benefits 
  • ISLAND is the native token (release through play-to-airdrop on 17 January 2024)
  • Game launch: 17 January 2024.

More games to discover

This is a wonderful list of 10 hot Web3 games hitting the market in 2024. But, it’s not everything the Web3 industry has to offer. Hundreds of development studios are spending thousands of manhours to build awesome games. You can discover these projects through the Game Rankings, or by filter the NFT Rankings by games.

In addition, we have various other articles that could help you. Take a moment to read the following:

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