Battle Racers Shuts Down, What About These 5 Alternatives

Battle Racers Shuts Down, What About These 5 Alternatives
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Playcheck Games will shut down Battle Racers on February 17th

Battle Racers was among the first play-to-earn NFT-based games to launch on the blockchain over three years ago, but Playcheck Games is now pulling the plug. Despite the game starting to attract racers and generating some NFT trading volume, Battle Racers will stop receiving upgrades and support starting from February 17th. 

According to the official announcement, Playcheck Games has taken the hard decision following a combination of internal and external factors. Considering this, the team will discontinue further development of both the browser-based and mobile versions of Battle Racers.

As support for the game will cease, the team has made sure to explain what will happen to in-game assets, NFT crates, and SCRAP token holdings. Players will be able to open part crates until February 16th. After that, the website will become inaccessible, and unopened crates will remain closed forever. Additionally, SCRAP will be delisted from any centralized and decentralized exchanges. The in-game token will still appear in holders’ wallets, however, its value will slowly diminish. 

Check out these 5 Battle Racers alternatives

In light of the complete shutdown of Battle Racers, many players will be looking for alternative racing games on the blockchain. DappRadar is tracking numerous such projects, and here are the top five Battle Racers alternatives. Check out these racing games, and find the one that you like best.

REVV Racing is among the most popular blockchain-based racing games. Operating on Polygon, the game sports three native tokens, with the REVV token being the main rewards one. REVV Racing allows you to purchase NFT cars, upgrade them and compete in tournaments. Explore the race tracks, and score the best lap times to earn rewards for your racing skills. 

Racing Time is a next-gen RAC game developed by a group of top-tier game designers. Their background includes world-class video game companies such as Electronic Arts, Tencent, CodeMasters, and NetEase. Supported by the Flow blockchain and a unique NFT architecture design, Racing Time allows players to collect and trade rare cars, but also modify and assemble their personalized racing beast with more than 50 parts and gadgets.

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn car racing game where players own parts of the game. All in-game activities happen as transactions with the native RIOT token. The game offers both free and pay races, while the entry cost depends on the class, level, and reward pool size of the competition. Players can also enroll in the Riot Owner’s Club and claim free RIOT Tokens.

Another REVV Motorsport spin-off, F1 Delta Time takes on the infamous Formula 1 racing competitions. The game allows players to be the owner and manager of a global Formula 1 racing team. Assemble the best car, upgrade it, and become the best Formula 1 team to compete on tracks all over the world. Importantly, as part of the REVV Racing ecosystem, players have a chance of earning REVV tokens for successfully winning competitions. 

Last but not least, we have Nova Rally, a whimsical and magical racing game on the Wax blockchain. Players select two drivers and one vehicle to represent them in races and compete with others to win prizes. Nova Rally drivers are among the best racing talent in the galaxy. However, the type of vehicle and hidden perks of each unique character have an impact on the results of the race. Players can uncover powerful combinations of drivers and vehicles and adapt to different race conditions in order to climb their way up the Nova League ranks.

Racing games on the blockchain find traction

The announcement for Battle Racers’ shutdown comes as a disappointment to many. However, the racing sector is steadily building up across numerous blockchains. The five alternatives above are just several of the many rising stars in the gaming sector. 

At the time of writing, racing games are occupying some of the tops spots in DappRadar Games Rankings. REVV Racing attracted more than a thousand unique wallets to the platform in the past seven days. What’s more, Nova Rally is now among the top 100 blockchain games in the ranking. 

Considering the rising popularity of play-to-earn as a leading earning mechanic on the blockchain, racing games with rewards schemes attached to them are gaining prominence. DappRadar is excited to track these rising stars in the gaming industry. If you want to explore more blockchain-based games check out the DappRadar Games Rankings. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, or join our vibrant Discord community to show off your latest races, and your favorite NFT cars. 

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