Azuki & 3Landers Among Rocket-Fuelled NFTs Launching from the Floor

Never mind the floor price, these NFTs are raising the roof

Five popular NFT collections have grown even bigger this week, as floor prices boosted significantly. Azuki and World of Women both saw their floor prices go up, while their average sale prices dropped. Three other collections – 3Landers, Art Blocks and CrypToadz – realized gains across multiple categories. 

A week’s a long time in the world of NFTs. And looking at the seven-day on-chain activity in DappRadar’s ranking page, we can see that nothing has stood still in that time. 

The Azuki and World of Women collections have both seen huge increases in their respective floor prices. Azuki’s has shot up by 143.85% to $52,930 and the project now has a market cap of $529.3 million. Holders of the NFT have access to The Garden which can best be defined as a decentralized interactive media community. Azuki describes itself as ‘a corner of the internet where art, community and culture fuse to create magic’.

The table below highlights the run Azuki is currently on. It sits in sixth place on DappRadar’s ranking page for current market cap. And even though the volume of sales and the number of traders is down, the increased floor price shows that the community still feels there’s big value in the NFT.

DappRadar NFT rankings

This could be down to a number of factors such as Azuki ramping up its roadmap and the release of BoBu (Azuki #40) as a fractionalized NFT. The company is also on a hiring spree at the moment which shows that big things are in the pipeline for the project. 

Just slightly below Azuki in market cap is the NFT collection World of Women. Over the past seven days, its floor price has spiked by 112.53% to $40,870. While the average sale price of each NFT has dipped by 4.15%, every other statistical category is up, showing the continuing popularity of this Ethereum-based project. The launch of the Galaxy World of Women (GWOW) has boosted the value of the original NFTs.

CrypToadz, 3Landers and Art Blocks

Smaller cap projects with less publicity have also seen their NFT floor prices go up over the past week. CrypToadz, the Gremplin CC0 project featuring pixelated toads, experienced a surge in every statistical category DappRadar records. This can be put down to the huge spike in activity that occurred on March 19th.

CrypToadz in DappRadar’s rankings

Following the Yuga Labs’ BAYC 3D metaverse tease and Yuga Labs handing over copyright of the CryptoPunks to the owners, CrypToadz has seen a surge. This shows that CrypToadz has been on the right path all along, giving its NFT holders copyrights since the very start.

Yuga Lab’s Twitter tease

3Landers launched on February 21st, 2022 and has been a huge success over the past month. DappRadar reported on the project before its recent price surge across five of the six statistical categories that we measure.

3Landers in DappRadar’s rankings

For a project that launched this year, its rise to number 35 in our rankings for market cap is very impressive and can probably be put down to its community ethos that puts creativity and reciprocity above anything else. A strong support base is a (nearly) priceless commodity in the NFT world.

Art Blocks, the final project we’ll be looking at, has had a truly ridiculous explosion in the floor price of its NFT. It’s increased by 1,807%. This means it’s multiplied by roughly 19 times. But why has it gone up by so much?

Art Blocks in DappRadar’s rankings

We think the March 21st drop in partnership with Stella Artois to raise money for was the reason for the surge. Also, when a new NFT launches on Art Blocks, the floor price tends to drop. After that, it begins to climb as the new artistic collection turns out to be popular.

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Jay Z’s Ethereum-based assets

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