Axie Infinity Claims Three Spots in Top 10 NFT Sales

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Decentraland, NBA Top Shot, and SuperRare accompany CryptoPunks as well

During the last week of January, CryptoPunks has had the biggest NFT sale, but it’s Axie Infinity that manages to stand out. Three origin Axies with double mystic attributes sold for an average of 34 thousand dollars or 25 ETH apiece. These sales happened days before game studio Sky Mavis launched their own Ethereum sidechain Ronin on Monday. 

Axie Infinity is a tactical battle game, which will soon extend its gameplay to virtual lands. In addition, the game incorporates strong play-to-earn mechanics, which allows people in developing countries to actually make a living from playing. 

There are only 4088 Origin Axies in existence, and approximately 30 percent of those have one or more mystic attributes. Out of those only, 20 percent have double mystic attributes, and that’s what makes these three Axies so valuable to collectors. 

Axie Infinity has gone through tremendous growth in 2020. In January 2020 the game had 3284 Axie holders, and this number grew to almost 28 thousand in December, while the number of monthly on-chain users increased from 594 to 18.790 per month. The purchases and value increase for Axie Infinity NFTs only makes sense while keeping an eye on the product growth over the past year. 

CryptoPunks Still Going Strong

In the past seven days, the top ten sales in the non-fungible token market have had a total value of more than 539 thousand dollars in NFT sales, and Axie Infinity made up 20 percent of that. Overall that’s a 60 percent drop compared with the $1.4 million from last week when one CryptoPunks collectible sold for 747 thousand dollars.

In a similar fashion, CryptoPunks is again strongly represented in this week’s Top 10 NFT sales. However, NBA Top Shot only has one moment, as a LeBron James collectible sold for $78.000. Aside from Axie Infinity, Decentraland and SuperRare are eye-catchers as well. 

In the virtual world of Decentraland, someone bought an estate, consisting of multiple land parcels, for 77 thousand dollars. It’s one of the biggest sales in Decentraland in months, even though another estate sold three weeks ago for $147.000. At the same time, crypto artist Coldie sold a digital artwork on SuperRare for 42 thousand dollars. 

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