AstroHeads, SBCC, and Angry Apes United Smash the Charts

AstroHeads, SBCC, and Angry Apes United Smash the Charts

NFT Spotlight: 3 collections on fire, to check out every week

If you are looking for a new profile picture NFT, AstroHeads or Angry Apes United might be the right way to go. With the influx of NFT collections popping up on the Ethereum blockchain daily, it might get overwhelming to select the ones shooting for the moon.

In this week’s NFT Spotlight, we take a look at three collections that have attracted an enviable amount of traders in the past week. AstroHeads consists of 8,851 AI-generated aliens who were saved from extinction. The Spooky Boys Country Club takes us back to Halloween with its 13,000 haunting ghosts, while 8,888 Angry Apes United are scrambling to protect their territory. 

Read on to find out why these collections have stolen traders’ attention in the past seven days. In addition, we will also dive into the roadmap of each of these projects and see what their plans are for the future.


AstroHeads is a collection of 8,851 AI-generated alien collectibles that will grow and develop as time passes. According to the official AstroHeads website, the team behind the collection has planned a major Graduation event. Graduation will allow holders to burn their baby AstroHead NFT and get an adult version instead.  

AstroHeads officially launched on November 14th with a mint price of 0.065 ETH, excluding gas fees. Impressively, the collection has already attracted upwards of 22.000 members to its Discord channel. What’s more, in the several days since launch, more than 4000 traders have interacted with AstroHeads smart contracts by buying or selling NFTs from the collection, generating upwards of $3.6 million in trading volume. 

An interesting feature of the AstroHeads collection comes in the form of a cashback option for holders who have not listed their NFT on secondary marketplaces. According to the official Discord, the AstroHeads team will distribute 100% of all secondary sales revenue to holders who haven’t listed their NFT in the form of cashback. You can find out more details about the cashback plan here

Aside from cashback, AstroHeads aims to bring utility to holders through access to several exclusive communities. To participate in these communities, holders will have to go through the graduation process and burn their infant NFTs. After the burn, holders will be granted access to communities, depending on the adult alien’s profession.

Currently, AstroHeads have a floor price of 0.15 ETH, a nice bump compared to the original mint price. If you’re curious to learn more about the collection or want to get your hands on an infant AstroHeads NFT, check out the links below. 


Spooky Boys Country Club

Next up in this week’s NFT Spotlight is the Spooky Boys Country Club. A collection of 13,000 haunting ghost NFTs, SBCC has caught traders’ attention since its launch on November 12th. The public mint of the collection sold out in 14 minutes and since then, secondary market activity has been booming.

This project blends fashionable designs, country club mannerisms, and spooky vibes to create unique ghost collectibles. It looks like the combination has captivated NFT enthusiasts, as SBCC has attracted upwards of 7,424 traders since its launch. At the time of writing, the floor price for a Spooky Boy NFT is 0.22 ETH which is a handsome increase from the 0.06 ETH mint price.

Impressively, the Spooky Boys country Club is finding a lot of traction on social media, with more than 10.000 Twitter followers and close to 100.000 members on Discord. Considering the project has a rather exciting roadmap ahead, this wave of interest isn’t all that surprising. 

According to the official SBCC website, holders will be airdropped a variety of additional NFTs, including Spoo-keys. Spoo-keys will then be used to unlock exclusive content and mystery games. Additionally, one of the milestones in the roadmap hints at the possibility that holders will be able to rename and customize their ghosts. 

With a trading volume of more than $3.3 million in just several days, the Spooky Boys Country Club is definitely on NFT enthusiasts’ radar. To learn more about the collection, and browse available Spooky Boys, check out the links below.


Angry Apes United

Last but not least, in this week’s trio, we have Angry Apes United. While at first sight, the Angry Apes look to be just a tad too similar to Bored Apes, the founding team has made it clear that this is not just the next copycat collection out there. 

Angry Apes United consists of 8,888 NFTs generated from over 170 hand-drawn traits. The collection dropped on November 10th with a mint price of 0.075 ETH. All angry Apes sold out almost instantaneously, and secondary market trading activity has been booming. The Angry Apes attracted more than 1000 collectors in the past seven days, generating a trading volume of more than $2.6 million. 

According to the official Angry Apes website, there are several exciting milestones for holders. Firstly, one of the main goals of the collection is to create a tight-knit community. To do that, the team behind Angry Apes United has planned a series of exclusive IRL meetups available only to holders. Additionally, Angry Apes collectors will get access to exclusive merch and subsequent airdrops.

With upwards of 88.000 Discord members, Angry Apes have definitely caught the eye of the NFT community. Currently, the floor price for an Angry Ape NFT sits at 0.195 ETH. If you want to access the exclusive Angry Apes events and spend New Year with fellow holders, check out the links below. Your ticket to the party is waiting for you. 


NFT Spotlight

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