Astra Nova Offers 500 Free Mint Passes to its Deviants NFTs

Astra Nova Offers 500 Free Mint Passes to its Deviants NFTs
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Deviants are evolving, upgradable 3D characters living in Astra Nova’s game world.

Astra Nova is a metaRPG game that leads players to explore immersive virtual worlds and win real-world rewards, such as Collectible Deviants Figures and IRL outfit the Deviant is wearing. The Deviants are 10,000 in-game NFT characters with stunning visual effects. Notably, these characters are the key to the Astra Nova gameplay. The project has just announced  500 free mint passes for users to claim their unique avatars.

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The metaverse promises to blur the boundaries between the virtual and the real-world, inviting players to immerse themselves within fantasy worlds. However, the metaverse is still in its early days, and its gaming experience is far from meeting modern-day gamers’ expectations. For example, some games are filled with tedious in-game play-to-earn mechanics, low-resolution game environments,  and empty metaverse playgrounds, discouraging true gamers.

Astra Nova wants to change that by creating a truly playable gaming experience for avid gamers and NFT enthusiasts. In response, it has brought together a team of game industry veterans, award-winning creatives, and brand marketing leaders to build an unparalleled MetaRPG gaming experience based on Web3’s core principles. 

While exploring the fairy-glittered mountains and spirit streams in Astra Nova, players will have The Deviants, pint-sized powerhouses, the virtual world’s first inhabitants, to keep them accompanied. 

These animated avatars are crucial for players’ progress in the Astra Nova game. We’ll take you inside the Astra Nova world, and share how you can mint your free Deviant NFT in this article

What is Astra Nova?

Astra Nova is an innovative MetaRPG world steeped in millennia of interplanetary lore. As players explore new and ruined worlds, they will need to scavenge modern materials, ancient artifacts, and long-lost magic relics and use them to rebuild their societies, unite their civilizations, and prepare to fight their enemies.

Who are The Deviants?

Astra Nova Deviants

The Deviants, 10,000 in-game 3D upgradeable characters, are the key to unlocking the mysteries of Astra Nova’s game world. These characters are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) living on the Ethereum network, each being completely unique.

The Deviants come in 15 different races, with every single Deviant having its own story. These stories will unfold through multi-channel lore that will grow as Astra Nova evolves. In addition to the stories in the game, the lore will be available through Discord, Twitter, Medium, and other channels. 

How do The Deviants work in the game?

The Deviants are a central pillar of the Astra Nova metaverse and the MetaRPG they are building. The stories associated with them and the shaping of their characters will be molded through games, webcomics, videos, lore, etc. At the same time, they are a critical element in engaging players in Astra Nova, and serve as a funnel for the Astra Nova team to reward and build community.

Regarding gameplay, Deviants are downloadable custom 3D avatar assets that can be used anywhere in the Astra Nova world as players’ custom profiles or badges of honor in Astra Nova. However, at the start of the game, they will exist mainly as wearable Talismans that confer special attributes to players’ characters. 

Deviants will also be non-player characters (NPCs) who give quests, loot, start events, and operate essential locations in Astra Nova. Players can encounter some quickly, while other Deviants remain hidden all over the virtual world. 

What are the benefits of owning The Deviants?

Deviants will become increasingly important as the story unwinds, with each different race having a unique story and special events linked to it. Having a Deviant from day one of the project will be a key for players to get the most out of Astra Nova.

The Deviant NFTs unlock all in-game content

As the genesis Astra Nova NFT, the Deviants will secure a special whitelist spot for future Astra Nova NFT drops. These include the Orion’s Realm Land and Sentinel collections, which have tremendous importance within Astra Nova. 

But that’s not all… Astra Nova is a project that has built extensive lore both in-game and outside of it. Deviant NFTs will give players access to special webcomics, which plant the seeds for major future Astra Nova events. Furthermore, all the curated content will be filled with clues to in-game secrets that the players can discover.

They are full-stack avatars for the metaverse

The Deviant NFTs will also act as full-stack avatars for the entire metaverse. They are unique collections in the metaverse with animated visual effects (VFX). In addition, Astra Nova has teamed up with a company specialized in creating virtual avatars to provide face-mapped virtual AR avatars that holders can use on popular video applications like Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. 

Re-inventing the concept of an NFT, Deviants are not a static NFT, either visually or functionally. Users can stake and upgrade them, but it depends on the Deviant”s DNA. Some Deviants can even evolve completely beyond their original state.

They grant holders early beta access to Astra Nova

Most importantly, holders of Deviant NFTs will have exclusive first access to the Astra Nova beta when it launches. They will be the first players to step foot in this new world, stake their claim on the land, and explore the many wondrous secrets hidden behind Astra Nova’s caves and waterfalls. 

Deviants will also give players in-game pathways to earn money on the P2P market. For example, holders can access exclusive Deviant games to gain extra rewards. To get a head start over players who join the world later, then become Deviants owner immediately.

How to mint The Deviants

Astra Nova’s Deviant NFT minting is just around the corner, and joining the allowlist will grant users who are first-to-act benefits such as a free mint

To stay on top of the latest news, join their community!

All the allowlist passes are freely mintable NFTs called “Passkeys”. They allow the users on the list a higher chance to mint their favorite species, discounted prices, and pre-mint opportunities. There are also perks such as reimbursement and physical Deviant figures.

Users need to be qualified through community competitions and quests to become eligible holders of these Passkeys.

It is worth noting that 4,500 of the 10,000 Deviants will be available on the allowlist for minting across three phases, while the remaining 5500 will go on a public sale. Moreover, five different races will be open to mint in each phase, each lasting 48 hours. Each user on the list can mint 2 Deviants per phase. 

Most importantly, Astra Nova offers 500 Diamond Passkeys, allowing users to own the Deviants NFT for free. Diamond Passkey holders have the following privileges.

  • The opportunity to mint up to 2 Deviants in each phase during the 3 phases.
  • 1 free mintable Deviant during any of the 3 phases.
  • Eligible to win the guaranteed reimbursement of RVV (the in-game token) if users mint three deviants (a set) from all the phases.
  • Holders will also receive a 3D-printed Deviant figure of one of the three Deviants they have minted.

Collect Deviant NFT and become part of the community 

Those who miss the free mint pass still have the opportunity to join other allowlists. An effective way to acquire a spot is by participating in various community contests.

The Astra Nova team will also encourage live-action role-playing (LARP) activities in the community and make fan art an extension of the overall project. If you’re too busy to attend one of these parties, don’t worry, Astra Nova wants to create an inclusive community. Some events require a simple registration to get allowlist access. 

Join the Astra Nova community now to learn more.

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