Art Blocks Renaissance Continues with Ringers

Ringers at top positions, two sales over $1 million each in 24 hours

Art Blocks, a generative art platform, has seen a surge of interest in the past couple of weeks. In addition, the Ringers collection tops the charts for most expensive NFT sales in the past 24 hours, with two sales worth over $1 million each. 

Not to mention that Art Blocks holds all of the top five positions in the DappRadar Top NFT Sales rankings for the past day. These metrics show that interest in generative art NFTs, especially Art Blocks, is on the rise. 

Art Blocks has attracted 173% more traders in the past month, reaching 8,235 active users in thirty days. In addition, volume passing through the platform skyrocketed to just under $100 million, a monthly increase of 709%. The generative art pioneer also made the top three of DappRadar’s Top NFT Collections rankings

Art Blocks NFTs are experiencing a metaphorical Renaissance. While the platform launched in November 2020, it’s definitely seen a boost across all metrics in the past month. In the past 24 hours, the Art Blocks platform has produced the top 5 highest-grossing NFT sales. 

Art Blocks

Three sub-collections stand out. Ringers dominate the top with two sales worth more than $1 million each. Notable mentions go to Chromie Squiggles and Eternal Pumps, which recorded sales upwards of $660,000 each. 

Art Blocks Ringers

Dmitri Cherniak created the Ringers collection on Art Blocks in 2021. The collection consists of 1,000 unique NFTs, minted in a single edition each. The idea behind Ringers NFTs is to depict the almost unlimited number of ways in which a string can be tied around a set of pegs. 

As a rather new collection, Ringers has seen a steady flow of interest. NFT collectors steadily look towards generative art as the next big hit in the space. The algorithmic creations Ringers bring to the table are definitely benefiting from this trend. 

The past 24 hours have been great for the Ringers collection, with two sales occupying the top spots in DappRadar rankings.

Art Blocks

What’s even more impressive is the fact that both NFTs switched owners after transactions worth upwards of 370 ETH, or more than $1 million each. These are commendable results for Ringers, signaling that the collection has the potential to become among the highest-grossing at the moment.

If you own Ringers and other Art Blocks and would like to view all of your NFTs in a single place, check out DappRadar Portfolio. There you can enjoy your collection in a grid view or even use our NFT Value Estimator.

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