Argon Smoothens Gig Economy with Dapp Solution

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Using Binance Smart Chain for freelance jobs

Amidst all the hype surrounding NFTs and DeFi dapps, you might forget that blockchain technology can be used to smoothen all kinds of processes, and Argon is a clear example. Argon is a freelancer job platform on the Binance Smart Chain is smoothens the payment process between customers and freelancers, while adding a community-based approval service with token rewards.

On DappRadar we often talk about DeFi products, like PancakeSwap and ApeSwap, or about NFT collections and NFT marketplaces. However, a dapp can have all kinds of shapes and forms. Argon is a dapp that smoothens payment process between two parties without adding hefty fees to it. That’s one of the many benefits of dapps over centralized authorities. Another benefit would be that dapps aren’t dependent on working hours, as they are always online. Not to mention that their rules are set in the smart contract, and therefore no human intervention is needed. Dapps like Argon have certain benefits that can’t be found outside the blockchain.

This appeal of dapps in undeniable, and interest is growing. In the first quarter of 2021 the number of unique wallets connecting with dapps grew 639% year-over-year. That total of 458,000 daily unique active wallets further increased in April. Mainly driven by an incredible demand on the Wax blockchain, the number of daily unique active wallets now reached 1,000,000.

Blockchain platforms like Wax, Flow and Binance Smart Chain are on the rise, because these offer a cheap alternative to Ethereum. While a transaction on Ethereum easily costs $10 or more, sending tokens or NFTs on these blockchains costs a few cents or is completely free. At the same time more alternatives are popping up, for example Polygon and NEAR Protocol. As dapps are taking center stage, it’s likely that we will be talking about 10 million daily active user wallets sooner than later.

What does Argon do?

The gig economy is a labor market where workers are active on short-term contracts, opposed to the traditional permanent jobs. As working from home is becoming the new normal, demand for online and remote jobs has been increasing. That’s where Argon comes in, a decentralized platform on the Binance Smart Chain that’s all about connecting customers with job opportunities to freelancers.

Search online for jobs and you will find plenty of websites. Centralized ones. These platforms can charge hefty fees to the ones posting job opportunities, while job seekers need to undergo a verification process. You might be blocked when you don’t have the right passport, even though you’re skillful.

How does Argon work?

Argon tries to solve these issues with smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain. A customer might have a job, and a freelancer system to be a perfect fit. Once a job is agreed on by both parties, the customer places a deposit in ArgonShield. In this smart contract the deposit is stored until the task has been completed by the freelancer or the deadline runs out.

However, payments only happen when the customer is happy with the results of the freelancer’s efforts. If problems should arise, a third-party (Approver) will step in and be the judge. This system means that freelancers always get paid, if they do a good job. These Approvers get paid in the native ArgonToken, and payment happens when they come to a solution. These system rewards fair judgment by these individuals.

So what are the advantages of using Argon versus centralized freelancer platforms?

  • Argon doesn’t take any commission
  • All transactions are transparent, confirmed on the blockchain
  • There’s a third-party to mediate between customer and freelancer
Check out the Argon dapp page on DappRadar

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