Arc8 Attracts Play-to-Earn Hungry Audience on Mobile

Arc8 Attracts Play-to-Earn Hungry Audience on Mobile

User wallets interacting with the game grew 589% in 24 hours

The new mobile-based play-to-earn sensation Arc8 by Gamee has seen an incredible surge of user wallets in the past 24 hours. The Polygon-based gaming platform saw 589% more wallets interact with its smart contracts, boosting the total to more than 61.110. 

This huge boost in the number of unique active wallets is not surprising, as Arc8 officially launched its first mini-games last week. Before this launch players only had the opportunity to mine GMEE tokens, that could be used to play games later on. However, now that the actual play-to-earn mechanics are a fact, more gamers are turning to the convenience of mobile-based blockchain gaming.

In the past 24 hours alone, Arc8 has generated upwards of 379.780 transactions. This indicates that players are spending time on the platform, and participating in multiple games and tournaments. 

This surge in activity happens around the same time the company releases their first NFTs. The so-called G-Bots will be used in various games, while holders can also stake them for passive income. Gamee will releases more NFTs in the future, ultimately creating a universe of gaming robots.

Arc8 mini-games

For the moment, there are ten different mini-games available on the Arc8 mobile app. Additionally, at any given time there are between two and four active tournaments for players to join and battle competitors. 

99 Blocks

99 Blocks is a take on the classic game of Tetris. It represents a grid of 3×3 squares and players have to fit in different elements to fill the whole area of the square. The more full squares you make, the higher your score. 


Asteroids is another mini-game inspired by the classic arcade game of the same name. Players have to operate a spaceship and destroy asteroids while evading collisions. The longer you last, and the more asteroids you destroy, the better your score will be. 

Globo Run

Globo Run was one of the first games to become available to players on Arc8. It takes after popular smartphone games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Players need to navigate a ball through a maze of challenges and obstacles while collecting items to gain more points. 


Hexonix is a slightly modified version of 99 Blocks, where players need to connect lines of figures in order to gain points. Set out on a hexagonal board, this game seeks to challenge the spatial and logical thinking of players. 

Pirate Solitaire

Pirate Solitaire is a rendition of one of the most popular PC games – Solitaire. Order your cards carefully, and do it fast in order to score higher. Keep in mind that in some cases it might be better to give up fast, and benefit from the time bonus, if you feel like there is no way to complete the puzzle. 

Marble Dash

Marble Dash has a gameplay that is very similar to Globo Run. However, in terms of design, the game takes on a much darker theme and adds a little bit of a challenge with numerous jumps and falling obstacles that get in your way on your route to a high score. 

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is the only game that was available to players during the minting phase. It is also among the most challenging mini-games on Arc8. Pixel Dungeon has much the same idea as Globo Run, however, instead of a rolling ball, players need to navigate a more complex maze with a cube. The form of the cube often makes moves harder to make. 

Solitaire Star

Solitaire Star is the second take of Solitare on Arc8. Straying from the classic composition of the original game, in this rendition players have to clear a board of 54 cards in the allotted time. Once again, in some cases, it might be wiser to give up early and take the time bonus instead of waiting to the very end on a complicated puzzle.

Wizard’s 21

Wizard’s 21 is a creative take on Blackjack, as players have to combine cards to reach the sum of 21. There are four slots available, and players need to do their best to not go over the limit of 21 for the sum in each slot. As with all games on Arc8, there is a time limit you need to be conscious of.

Samurai Hold’em

Last but not least, there’s the all-time classic Hold’em poker. To make things more interesting, Samurai Hold’em allows players to play with four hands simultaneously. Chose wisely and combine your cards as best as possible to earn more points from your hands. 

Arc8 GMEE token and credits

GMEE is the native token of the Arc8 platform. Since the launch of the mini-games, the token has seen a pretty healthy appreciation in price. In the past seven days, the price for one GMEE token increased by more than 6% to reach $1.93 at the time of writing.


GMEE takes central stage in the play-to-earn ecosystem of Arc8. In order to participate in direct matches with other players, users have to pay a fee in GMEE. At the moment there are three different fee tiers, with respective changes in the amount of the reward. The first tier requires a 0.10 GMEE fee for a direct match and rewards the player 0.18 GMEE if they win. The second tier requires a 1 GMEE fee to be paid, however, the reward jumps to 1.80 GMEE. The final, and most expensive tier, requires a 2.50 GMEE investment, but rewards 4.50 GMEE if the player wins. 

Aside from GMEE, the Arc8 platform utilizes a second currency called credits. Credits are rewarded for completing daily tasks, and allow players to participate in practice matches and tournaments. Importantly, tournaments have a credit fee for entry, but reward participants at top positions in GMEE tokens. 

Play-to-earn goes mobile

Arc8 is a relatively new phenomenon in the play-to-earn space. However, the platform has a competitive advantage that other play-to-earn games are still working to reach: It’s completely mobile. Having access to blockchain-based games on your smartphone adds a degree of convenience that attracts players. 

While Arc8 is among the first to build a completely mobile-based platform, big names in the play-to-earn movement are also turning to smartphones. Alien Worlds, the largest game across the whole blockchain ecosystem recently announced a complete revamp of the design of the game in order to make it mobile-friendly. 

The success of Arc8 and its play-to-earn mini-games is proof that gamers like the convenience of playing on the go. DappRadar will continue monitoring the play-to-earn space, as more innovative platforms join. If you want to start playing on Arc8, check out the useful links below. 

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