ApeSwap NFTs Non Fungible Apes Sales up 1266%

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Past 24 hours $139,620 in sales for pixelated apes

In the past day, ApeSwap’s Non Fungible Apes has seen a serious uptick as the number of sales increased 1266% to 123 trades. With a total volume of $139,620, the average price of the pixelated apes is approximately $1,135 per NFT.

The sudden surge of sales came from a new Non Fungible Ape sale. One hundred NFT apes sold out within 30 seconds, according to the official ApeSwap Twitter account. This was the fifth so-called NFA sale. 

The sale pushed the ape NFTs up the charts in the DappRadar Top NFT Collections. The Non Fungible Apes now entered the top 10 and overtook both The Sandbox and Aavegotchi in the process. 

At the same time, ApeSwap is gearing up for a new token offering on their platform, as ApeRocket Finance will launch their native token through ApeSwap on May 20th. BANANA token holders can join the token sale, hoping to have a nice return on their investment. However, success on these types of investments is never guaranteed.

BSC knocking on the NFT door

NFTs have become one of the biggest stories in blockchain this year. Generally, this story is driven by big sales, like CryptoPunks, Meebits, and the $69 million Beeple artwork. All these sales took place on the Ethereum blockchain. However, as gas fees increased and the Ethereum blockchain became unusable for the general public, NFT projects on alternative blockchains gained traction. 

On the Wax blockchain, we’ve seen Alien Worlds combining gamified DeFi with NFTs, and finding lots of success. The same can be said about the NBA collectibles on the Flow blockchain. At the same time, Binance Smart Chain has been attracting an audience with smaller pockets to join the DeFi revolution on their blockchain. The result is a tremendous amount of users and volume entering the DeFi space. 

Now Binance is looking to embrace NFTs as well. Next month they will launch their own NFT marketplace. Additionally, they have been attracting both NFT and gaming projects, to complement their DeFi offering. Non Fungible Apes is just one example of that trend, and perhaps we will have a few dozen examples a couple of months from now.

Alien Worlds

NBA Top Shot


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