ApeSwap Boosts Users 63% in a Week


Token price and total volume locked also rise

ApeSwap, one of the more prominent exchanges on Binance Smart Chain, has seen an overall boost across all metrics monitored by DappRadar. The number of unique active wallets connected to the exchange rose by more than 63%, reaching upwards of 28,000. 

In addition, the total value locked in the exchange also increased by more than 11%, reaching $263.9 million in the past thirty days. ApeSwap also climbed up DappRadar charts, reaching the sixth position among the top Binance Smart Chains for the week in terms of user acquisition. 

In comparison, main competitors PancakeSwap and Autofarm only managed to increase their unique active wallets by 1.62% and 4.26%, respectively. While blockchain-based games and play-to-ear opportunities are slowly making their way to the top of BSC rankings, ApeSwap is definitely going places.

ApeSwap token also does well

As ApeSwap increases the number of UAW interacting with the platform, the BANANA token is also going up in price. BANANA is the ApeSwap native token that allows users to participate in yield farming and stacking pools.  

In just the past week, BANANA has gained more than a dollar in its valuation. Of course, the increased activity the exchange saw played an important role in the native token’s performance as well. In the past thirty days, BANANA valuation rose by more than 12%


Along with the BANANA price increase, the token’s market cap reached more than $140 million. These stats only strengthen the position that ApeSwap is entering in a streak of positive metrics. 

If you are looking to get yourself some BANANA and stake it on ApeSwap, you can easily do this now through DappRadar’s token swap service. Just log in with your Binance Smart Chain wallet, and get to swapping. In the meantime, DappRadar will continue monitoring ApeSwap’s performance, so stay tuned.

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