Anthony Hopkins Goes Immortal – Debuts The Eternal NFT Collection on 10/13

Anthony Hopkins Goes Immortal - Debuts The Eternal NFT Collection
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The collection, made in partnership with Orange Comet, draws inspiration from the eclectic film and artistic career of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

‘The Eternal’ Hopkins’ NFT debut grants holders various exclusive benefits, such as a signed artbook, a live chat with the actor, and more.


  • Two-time Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins is the latest superstar to make a splash in the NFT community. 
  • The actor will unveil his NFT debut, ‘The Eternal’, in collaboration with Web3 digital entertainment platform Orange Comet on OpenSea on October 13
  • Orange Comet has previously launched the highly successful official AMC Walking Dead NFT project, among others. 

What is The Eternal NFT collection, and what are the perks?

Oscar winner, artist, and composer, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ status in the art world and his title of Renaissance Man are unquestionable. Mr. Hopkins’ career as a painter dates back to 2005 when he created a series of vibrant abstract paintings. Since then, his artistic style has continued to evolve as a reflection of his life journey.

This time, he embraces the blockchain as his “new canvas” as he proudly presents his first NFT endeavor, Anthony Hopkins: The Eternal NFT Collection, in collaboration with Orange Comet. The collection conceptualizes an interpretation of the vast character archetypes Sir Anthony Hopkins has portrayed over his illustrious film career, drawing from his stimulating and diverse body of work. 

This collection of NFTs will be available to mint on October 13th on OpenSea.

Anthony Hopkins NFT

A closer look at The Eternal NFT and its artwork

The Eternal Collection draws inspiration from his artwork and impressive film career to create thought-provoking images and animations. 

The collection features ten different personalities curated by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Orange Comet’s Chief Creative Officer, Dante Ferrarini. They are Jester, Lover, Ruler, Rebel, Giver, Hero, Explorer, Creator, Magician, and Sage. 

Included in this collection, you will find:

  • 10 Unique and random 1:1 Signature Animation NFTs, each featuring a different character archetype. 
  • 990 Unique 1:1 images based on the 10 archetypes (99 variants for each archetype).
  • An exclusive once-in-a-lifetime IRL event.
  • An opportunity to meet Sir Anthony 1 on 1 on Zoom.

Users can sign up using the link below to gain early access to this unique event.

Benefits at a glance

The project provides collectors with various utilities. But, most importantly, it introduces an unprecedented way for fans to interact and connect with their favorite movie star and personalities. At the same time, it demonstrates a new paradigm for keeping IP thriving.

Let’s take a look at exactly how this works.

The drop will include a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for ten lucky collectors to win Signature Animation NFTs. The Signature NFTs will consist of an autographed Dreamscapes Art Book by Sir Anthony Hopkins. This highly collectible book features a compilation of images, paintings, and drawings created by Sir Anthony Hopkins, offering the owner a peek into the artistic mind and passion of the legendary, beloved Welsh actor. 

Even more enticing is that one lucky collector will win an invitation to an intimate one-on-one online session with Sir Hopkins. In addition, 100 lucky holders will receive a personalized NFT with a message from Sir Anthony Hopkins airdropped directly into their wallet.

Explore the Collection at Orange Comet and learn more about the art and its utilities. 

Hollywood ventures into Web3

NFTs have evolved from a novel concept to a vehicle that grants users ownership, and many projects leverage this technology to deliver a better user experience. For example, in gaming, NFTs and tokens allow players to turn their in-game items into assets with real-world value. Over in sports, projects like NFT TopShot lets fans collect the shining moments of sports stars and related memorabilia. 

So how can fans from the entertainment industry benefit from ownership that comes with NFT?

Small-scale projects, indie creators, and teams find crowdfunding through NFTs effective in financing their dreams. Likewise, film celebrities, Hollywood blockbuster properties, and anime franchises also utilize NFTs. NFT projects allow fans to convert their emotional value into “vouchers” that can reap the rewards.

For example, DC Comics announced the release of multiple NFT collections to allow fans to engage more deeply with the DC Universe. Another famous use case is Quentin Tarantino making his cult classic Pulp Fiction unpublished script available to fans as NFT collectibles.

Who is Orange Comet?

Orange Comet is a digital platform highly committed to dynamic design, innovation, and technology. They focus on creating an ecosystem never seen before in the world of Web3. One of the platform’s core missions is to harness NFT to help IP further unleash the power.

In addition to The Eternal, Orange Comet partnered with AMC on The Walking Dead Access Pass NFT launched earlier this year. With this collection, pass holders receive a lifetime opportunity to participate in exclusive drops, as well as additional exclusive perks, including first-hand access to the upcoming The Walking Dead Lands, a post-apocalyptic open-world build-and-earn experience based on The Walking Dead universe. 

If you, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to participate in The Walking Dead minting, don’t despair (check the secondary market on OpenSea), and now you have a chance to be a part of The Eternal squad with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Follow the link below to join now! 

Find more information about Orange Comet.




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