AnRKey X Oversells Presale With $450,000 in DeFi NFTs

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Gaming, NFTs and DeFi combined in one platform

AnRKey X is one of the most innovative NFT DeFi gaming projects in the blockchain space. It allows users to compete, purchase and stake unique NFTs and win rewards by doing so.

AnRKey X, pronounced Anarchy X, recently became the #1 selling NFT product on the NFT marketplace Rarible, while being included instantly in Hot Collections (still a week later) and Hot Bids. They oversold their pre-sale by over 2X at almost $450,000 and sold almost $200,000 worth of their latest GenSys.X NFT set with no celebrities attached. Even more notable, their secondary market sales of the NFTs hit up to $47,000 per NFT, a 13,602% increase from the original $343 per NFT price!

Their flagship DeFi NFT game will launch in the first quarter of 2021 and already has over 11,500 registered users. 

However, the platform is a lot more than just a game and some NFTs. AnRKey X calls their platform a Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX), made to combine DeFi, NFTs and Esports into a new industry called money sports, or m$ports. At its foundation is the $ANRX Arcade Coin (token). This is the native token that allows users to play, stake, sell, and compete on the platform and the entire games and NFT economy.

Battle Wave 2323 is the first game that taps into this gamified financial system. Games on the AnRKey X platform add gameplay to DeFi elements like farming and liquidity mining, and they use NFTs to play these games.

The game pits armies, which basically are farming pools, against each other using collectible NFTs as APY (yield) boosts. Victorious armies will win new NFTs, truly gamifying yield farming and other DeFi concepts. See one of these NFTs through the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, or see the collection on the AnRKey X website.

Another NFT drop from AnRKey

Next Monday March 15th, AnRKey X will be dropping brand new NFTs from their full multi-utility NFT game card set which varies across 6 levels of power and rarity. Every single NFT card gives numerous other valuable and generous utility rewards.

Every NFT card you collect in their NFT Gaming Universe can be staked in AnRKey X’s DeFi NFT powered game Battle Wave 2323 with APY boosts as high as 300,000%.

Buyers and holders of the the new NFTs will gain VIP ACCESS to two new staking pools with rewards of up to 100% APY

And from what we’ve heard, two big partnerships are incoming… 

AnRKey X is getting close to the release of Battle Wave 2323. NFTs can be acquired from the secondary market. For more information, and great artwork, visit their website.

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