Animated TV Series Gives Forgotten Runes NFT Collection a Boost

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The new animated TV series is another example of the real world meeting the blockchain

The NFT collection Forgotten Runes has had a surge in on-chain activity following the announcement of a new animated television series based about the pixelated fantasy characters. The show’s trailer got the internet excited, and the move shows how NFT brands might go cross-media in the future. 


For fans of the Forgotten Runes NFT collection, dreams really do come true. This week it was announced via a sensational trailer that ‘Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult’ will be hitting our screens as an animated series.

Forgotten Runes on TV

The trailer appeared on YouTube on May 4th and NFT Twitter went into a tailspin. The graphics, the look, the feels, the trailer has all of them. Magic Machine, the company behind the NFT collection, is partnering with Titmouse to develop and produce the show.

Titmouse is an award-winning animation production company behind shows such as Big Mouth, The Venture Bros and Midnight Gospel.

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult official trailer

To make matters even better, Derek Kolstad has been signed up to help write the show. Derek Kolstead is the creator and writer behind the John Wick series. 

Most people know the John Wick films starring Keanu Reeves who plays a former hitman with an insatiable appetite for destruction. The films grew in prominence and gained a cult following on the back of the ludicrous action and fight scenes, not necessarily the quality of the writing. So it will be interesting to see how Forgotten Runes fares as a cartoon.

NFTs coming to life

What’s really cool is that the owners of the 10,000 unique NFT Wizards will influence the stories of the characters in the cartoon. When people deride NFTs as second-hand JPEGs and say they have no real-world utility beyond being profile pictures, here is yet another example of creative people finding ways to use blockchain technology to develop a concept that people can get involved with and enjoy.

What people are most excited about is seeing their favorite NFT characters depicted in expertly-rendered animations. It’s the stuff of children’s fantasies and, because this show will be perfect for kids, it promises to bring a whole new generation of people to the world of NFTs.

One Twitter user even pointed out where some of the NFT avatars might be depicted in the trailer. 

You have a goblin here:

Image taken from Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult trailer

And here’s the NFT of what the picture above could possibly be depicting:

Image of Forgotten Runes avatar

These characters are Kobolds and an NFT similar to this sold four months ago for 16 ETH ($61,123 at the time of the sale).

The Forgotten Runes NFT collection

Unsurprisingly, with the news of the animated series being so well received, the on-chain analytics for the real-world NFT collection have seen a beneficial boost.

Over the past 24 hours, the volume of trading is up by 609.62% to just over $1 million and the number of people trading the items has gone up by 525% to 150 people. The table below also shows how floor price and average sale price have both jumped in the past day, up 9.5% and 11.7%, respectively.

DappRadar’s on-chain analytics for the Forgotten Runes NFT collection

Forgotten Runes has also risen up DappRadar’s ranking for Top NFT Collections. For the past 24 hour’s activity, it currently sits at number 53 for number of traders and at number 57 for number of sales. For a collection that until recently had a dedicated following but not huge amounts of on-chain activity, these rankings are a positive sign.

DappRadar’s 7-day on-chain activity for Forgotten Runes

Follow DappRadar’s blog and Twitter feed to get the latest news on this story as it happens. Also, listen in to our Off The Blockchain podcast where we take a look at the trailer for Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult together and give it a Thumbs Up. Use DappRadar’s NFT rankings pages and our Forgotten Runes page to keep an eye on how the avatar prices fluctuate in the coming days.

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