Animated Stoner Cats NFT Trading up 600%

stoner cats nft trading

More than $838,000 in NFT trading volume on secondary market

Over the past 24 hours hype surrounding the Stoner Cats NFT collection has intensified, as NFT trading went up 658%. A total of 104  NFTs sold was good for $838,255 in trading volume. That’s an average of $8,060 per cat.

With more than $838,000 in trading volume, the Stoner Cats NFT collection has climbed the DappRadar NFT Collection charts. The project is now in 6th place, measured over the past 24 hours. The Stoner Cats are well ahead of Aavegotchi and behind Meebits. 

DappRadar (August 12th, 2021)

There are different Stoner Cats, each based on a character from the animated series. The cats have 8 different traits, ranging from their collars and facial expressions to the items they hold in their hands. As demand increases, the floor price will go up. Currently the cheapest cat costs 0,48 ETH, or $1,500.

The internet loves cats

Last month Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis launched Stoner Cats, an NFT collection that will have an adult-focused animation web series. The initial NFT sale made the project $8 million, but of course, that’s only the start.

The animation series features lots of references to cannabis and crypto and even features Ethereum wonder kid Vitalik Buterin. Interestingly, the animation series has been pitched as a Direct-to-NFT series, only allowing NFT holders to watch. Token holders will perhaps also get voting rights to decide on the future of the Stoner Cats series. 

Cats are quite popular as a theme for NFT collections. We can also find Cool Cats, MoonCats and Gutter Cat Gang in the top 20 NFT collections. Keep in mind that even the first NFT collection that hit the mainstream, was an collection inspired by cats. CryptoKitties made headlines in 2017, when breeding new kittens caused congestion on the Ethereum blockchain. Dapper Labs is now working to revive CryptoKitties on their own Flow blockchain.

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