An Introduction to Autofarm and AUTO Token

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Why you should use Autofarm for your yield farming activities

AUTO is the native utility and governance token for Autofarm, a leading DeFi Yield Aggregator. On Autofarm you can state assets and earn a yield on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, OEC, and HECO. Earn AUTO through staking contracts and then use the token in various liquidity pools and staking mechanisms. Read on to find out how to put your AUTO to use.

Autofarm is a leading DeFi yield aggregator with AUTO as its native token. It allows users access to dozens of vaults across BSC, HECO, and Polygon, as well as low-slippage swap liquidity. It is low-cost and is able to access all the top DEXs. 

How to Autofarm

So what does automatic yield aggregation actually mean? And how do you do it? Well, first you deposit your cryptocurrency of choice into the Autofarm platform. The Autofarm smart contract then begins its search for the absolute best DeFi protocols that will give you the highest yield.

Think of it as a digital financial adviser that puts your money to work. Meanwhile, you can sit back, relax and let the protocol do the work for you.

As you know, there is a long list of DeFi protocols on most blockchain platforms. Just check DappRadar’s rankings to see thousands of DeFi solutions that could grow your piggy bank. However, it’s safe to say that searching for the best DeFi solution to make your money grow is very time-consuming and potentially fruitless. That’s without mentioning the levels of risk that crop up when dealing with lesser-known protocols.

Fortunately, Autofarm solves these issues regarding security, optimization and time. In essence, it helps you to invest your well-earned tokens wisely without losing sleep. The DeFi ecosystem originally began as a yield aggregation tool in March this year, but buoyed by success, it has since expanded into a fully-featured DEX as well as some other features. 

Kicking off its yield aggregation services in March of this year, Autofarm has quickly become one of the best ways of making your money work for you–with little work required. It now works with BSC, HECO, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonriver, OEC, Celo & Cronos, etc.

Deflationary AUTO token

Autofarm has also expanded into an AutoPortfolio, AutoTrade, AutoAnalytics, and farmfolio platforms. All of these DeFi solutions are powered by the AUTO token. It has a max supply of 80,000 with no pre-sale–nor was there a pre-(auto)farm. 

Similar to many of the most popular cryptocurrencies, the AUTO token is deflationary. Plus, AUTO holders get to benefit from fees from cross-chain vaults as well as the DEX aggregator. Finally, the token can be used for governance.

Autofarm is already securing over $850 million dollars in value for its users. Plus, as you can see by this exciting roadmap,  it will continue to add more functionality and platform integrations. 

Ultimately, while it’s great to invest in great cryptocurrency projects, the real money is made–and the real financial freedom is attained by making your money work for you. Autofarm lets you do just that and more. 

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