What is Gods Unchained, and How to Play and Earn?

How to Play Win Earn Gods Unchained
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An introduction to this popular competitive trading card game

The trading card game Gods Unchained has been making headlines since the early days of blockchain gaming, allowing gamers to play with their NFT cards to earn more cards, card packs or tokens. Gods Unchained combines familiar elements of the TCG genre with new Web3 mechanics, all dressed up in a fantasy rich game world filled with deep storytelling and mythology.


What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a trading card game (TCG) where players can use their NFT cards to battle each other in multiplayer matches. It takes inspiration from games like Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and Hearthstone, but comes with an added twist of player ownership and a deep player economy. Play and earn are real in Gods Unchained, and everybody can play the game for free.

What’s best is that you can play Gods Unchained for free. Every new player gets access to a base set of cards, and new cards can either be won through gameplay, by buying card packs, or by trading on the secondary market.

Which blockchain does Gods Unchained use?

Gods Unchained uses Immutable X, a Layer-2 on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This network allows for fast, cheap and seamless NFT transactions. Moreover, thanks to Immutable Passport and other innovations, users hardly notice that they are dealing with a game built on blockchain technology.

The game is a dapp (decentralized application) because it utilizes blockchain technology to make some of its game mechanics work. For example, players can combine cards and create a new one. In Gods Unchained, they call this Fusing, but on the blockchain, two NFTs get destroyed, and a new one is being minted. Gods Unchained also features the GODS token, which is a digital currency on the blockchain.

Gods Unchained NFTs

Gods Unchained features a wide variety of digital game items. On the Immutable Marketplace these are split into two categories:

  1. Gods Unchained cards
  2. Gods Unchained cosmetics

Every player gets a base set of cards. By winning battles, completing daily quests and other types of challenging, players can win cards or card packs. This way, gamers can expand their collection through ownable NFT assets.

In addition, there are the Gods Unchained cosmetics. These items allow players to have a different card decoration, game board, or other types of visual upgrades. Cosmetics can be found on the secondary marketplace, and can often be won through special events or tournaments.

Where to buy extra Gods Unchained cards?

Every player has access to a base set of cards, but gamers who want to acquire extra NFT cards can purchase these from the Immutable Market. Immutable uses an open order book, meaning that every NFT can be bought from any marketplace that supports Immutable X.

How to get started with Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained can be played for free. You simply install the game, and start playing. Through your efforts, you can win new cards and perhaps some tokens. The better you become at playing the game, the greater the rewards shall be.

  1. Go to the Gods Unchained dapp page, and follow the link to the official website
  2. Download and then install the game from the official website
  3. Also, create a Gods Unchained account. This will also involve the creation of a wallet.
  4. Once you’re in the game, play the tutorial. This will help you understand the basics of the game.
  5. Also, don’t feel ashamed if you spend hours building your own deck of cards. Careful deck building can result in strong, well-aligned card decks.

No worries, you don’t need to make any purchases to get started.

Gods Unchained expansions

Immutable regularly releases new content for Gods Unchained, adding to the story and introducing new mechanics. They call these major updates “expansions”. Every expansion they will release new cards, allowing players to buy new card packs. However, you don’t need to purchase anything to keep playing.

Tides of Fate

Gods Unchained latest expansion, Tides of Fate, is a set of 142 new cards, introducing new skirmishes and better gameplay. It was launched in October 2023 and generated excitement among the Web3 gaming community.

Besides introducing 12 new legendary cards, this expansion takes players deeper into the game’s lore. Starting with the two factions, the dragon-riders Draka and the Atlanteans pilots Sartonians. At launch, the community is taken on a new adventure in distant tides – which develops every few weeks with community events called skirmishes. Each of these five skirmishes of the new expansion will introduce gamers to new challenges and new rewards.

You can buy your packs of the new expansion on the official Gods Unchained website using your GODS tokens. There are four types of packs, and prices range from 15.09 GODS ($2.99) to 1,059.80 GODS ($209.99).

Is Gods Unchained pay-to-win?

Gods Unchained is a highly tactical game where every strong deck can be countered by another deck. There’s no clear way to always win, and therefore stating that it’s pay-to-win would not be correct. However, those who make smart purchases or have lots of luck on their side, could obtain cards that have a strong use case in the current meta. Keep in mind that the meta, or the popular way of playing the game, always changes.

How many cards do you need to play Gods Unchained?

When playing Gods Unchained, you’ll need a deck of 30 cards to play against an opponent in the arena. There are six different card domains of the Eucus universe – referring to each one of the six main Gods.

  • Thaeriel: God of Light;
  • Elyrian: God of Magic;
  • Aeona: Goddess of Nature;
  • Malissus: Goddess of Death;
  • Auros: God of War;
  • Ludia: Goddess of Deception.

Each of them has specific sets of cards and powers that can represent a creature, a spell, or a relic – and you can buy them on the game marketplace or earn them by playing for free.

Arena Gods Unchained

It’s worth noting that as the game progresses and new expansion packs are released, storytelling and even the game itself also change.

How do the cards work?

Gods Unchained features various types of cards. Players first need to pick a god, and based on their choice they will get the option to build a card deck. A card deck generally consists of creatures, spells and relics. On these cards you will see 3 numbers:

  1. Mana costs – shown on the top left, and determines the amount of Mana a player needs to spend to put the card on the table.
  2. Strength – bottom left, determines the amount of damage a card can do.
  3. Health – bottom left, determines the amount of damage a card can take. Exclusive to creature cards.

In addition, you will see that many cards have some text on them. This text explains a special power or ability, include Frontline, Blitz, Backline, Protected, Confused etc. These powers allow players to increase their defenses, or perhaps circumvent the opponent’s defense.

GODS token and how to earn it

GODS is the native token of the trading card game Gods Unchained. This means you can use it to buy any kind of in-game item you like – reminding that when you buy cards, they are truly yours and will be found in your wallet.

GODS tokens too. They don’t belong only inside the game’s universe but have real-world value and exist on both Immutable X and Ethereum.

GODS Token DappRadar 25 Oct 2023
GODS Token Price 25 Oct 2023

Where to download Gods Unchained?

You can download Gods Unchained from the official website. Simply go to the dapp page on DappRadar, and follow the links. In addition, Gods Unchained is also available through the Epic Games Store.

Is Gods Unchained also on Mobile?

Not yet, but Gods Unchained is coming to mobile devices by the end of 2023. Gods Unchained will come to Android and iOS. There’s currently a pre-alpha test happening for the Android version of the game.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the fascinating universe of Gods Unchained with us.

Who created Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained comes from the game studio Immutable, and the game became the reason for the introduction of Immutable X. Led by game director Chris Clay (former Magic The Gathering), Immutable became one of the frontrunners in blockchain gaming since the launch of Gods Unchained in 2019.

However, the brothers Robbie Ferguson and James Ferguson started Immutable, formerly known as Fuel Games.

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Gods Unchained is one of the play-and-earn games with the strongest communities. Besides truly gifting players with ownership and chances to earn by playing and having fun, Gods Unchained involves the community in its development. Keep track of how Gods Unchained and other trending games evolve with the Web3 gaming industry with the DappRadar Games Ranking.

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