Alien Worlds Users Grow as Players Get Control over Metaverse

Alien Worlds Users Grow as Players Get Control over Metaverse

Alien Worlds launches in-game DAOs that allow users to design their desired game experience.

Alien Worlds recently evolved its in-game DAO mechanics with the introduction of Planetary Syndicates, giving players a greater say in shaping the game’s ecosystem. This decentralized governance allows players to manage their community, create gameplay, distribute digital assets, and more. The launch of Syndicates has brought an ongoing boost to the Alien Worlds user base.

Alien Worlds, the top-ranked metaversal gaming ecosystem on DappRadar’s Games Ranking, launched its in-game DAOs (Planetary Syndicates) on October 20, 2022. 

Decentralized ownership and governance have evolved into an influential drive in the gaming sector. Such a burgeoning scene is led by names such as Alien Worlds. Created by Dacoco, Alien Worlds is an early adopter of incorporating DAO systems into its gaming ecosystem.

Notably, Planetary Syndicates is another innovation by Alien Worlds in its DAO practice. It gives players the opportunity to govern their own communities, manage and allocate treasuries, and collaborate and compete against one another for Trilium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ native token. 

The launch of the Syndicates has brought continued uplift to Alien Worlds’ unique active wallets (UAW). According to DappRadar, the game has seen a nearly 15% increase in UAW over the last 14 days.


What is a DAO, and how does it empower gamers?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Essentially, a DAO is a virtual community-led organization without any central authority. Instead, all the decision-making and treasury management happen through consensus-based votes on the blockchain.

The rules of a DAO are enforced through smart contracts. Those who have a stake in the DAO then have voting power. In this way, eligible voters can shape the project’s future development, treasury allocation, the direction of the organization, and more.

An eligible vote can be achieved by for example:

  • Holding the native token of the ecosystem
  • Staking the native token into a pool 

If a gaming project is run by a DAO, then what does this mean for the players?

In the Web2 world, games are managed by companies that developed them. Once game operators make the rules, players must accept them unconditionally if they want to continue to be part of the game. However, things are entirely different when a DAO is in charge because, in that case, community members become the decision-makers and co-owners in the system. 

Let’s elaborate on this with the most straightforward example.

Perhaps, there is no greater headache for gamers than when their favorite game is discontinued overnight. However, with DAO, a game’s suspension is no longer the sole decision of the company that makes it, but rather, crucial decisions like this are determined by voting.

What are Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates?

The Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates are gaming guilds evolving into DAOs, allowing players to define their own rules and design their gameplay. Furthermore, these governance systems let players control millions in cryptocurrencies to build, maintain, develop and evolve a game’s ecosystem, framework, and virtual universe.

Each of the six planets in Alien Worlds is a Syndicate. Players can support one or more planets by converting their TLM into planetary tokens, which can then be staked to the players’ Syndicate of choice. Once staked or ‘pledged’ to a Planetary Syndicate, players can vote on the future of the Alien Worlds community,  and decide what games and activities to offer, what events to run, and how to distribute the assets of each planet’s sizable treasury. 

How to participate in Planetary Syndicates

Players join Alien Worlds as Explorers initially. It is worth noting that Explorers are not limited to participating in a Planetary Syndicate. For example, they can browse Planetary details, such as Candidate and Custodian lists and profiles. However, only Citizens of a Planetary Syndicate will have the right to vote.

alien worlds in-game dao
Syndicate Planetary details

How do you become a Citizen?

Explorer just needs to convert at least 1 TLM to a Planetary Token of a respective Planet and sign the Member Terms; then, the Explorer will officially become a Citizen of that Planet.

The Citizens of the Syndicate can vote to elect the custodians of the Planetary Council, which manages the Planetary Syndicate’s resources. The voting result reflects the culture and values embraced by the community. In addition, users can use votes to remove Custodians deemed to be against the interests of the Syndicate.

Players who have a vision and want to contribute more to the planet can become a Candidate for Planetary Council. To do so, Citizens must convert 5,000 TLM to Planetary Tokens and stake them before registering for candidacy.

What Planetary Syndicates mean for Alien Worlds players

The Alien Worlds ecosystem is rooted in interpersonal relationships, giving players purpose and meaning through community building, user collaboration, and crypto incentives such as TLM and other digital assets like NFTs.

By launching Planetary Syndicates, Alien Worlds aims to explore a new paradigm of game participation by incorporating DAOs and unleashing the potential for social networking within Web3 games. When collaborating within DAOs, players build real social connections, which thereby enable each DAO to form its unique culture.

In terms of the in-game economy, up to now, players could mine for TLM and stake in TLM. The addition of a political dimension to the Alien Worlds ecosystem enables players to adopt different strategies at the right time to facilitate economic competition or cooperation in order to rise up and control one or more DAOs. ‘Pledge. Lead. Conquer.’ is the rallying cry on the Syndicate webpage, and it seems that a battle for power and supremacy in this leading metaverse has ignited.  These game mechanics simulate various real-life economic activities, and they all affect the development of each DAO and, ultimately, the game’s direction. 

Isn’t this a lot like our real world? Everyone can participate, and everyone shapes the future. So if such a virtual world sounds like something you’d like to try, click the button below and join over 600,000 monthly Unique Active Wallets in building the game of the future!

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