Alien Worlds Takes Crown as Biggest Game on Blockchain

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24,620 active wallets per day connect to the dapp

The exploration strategy game Alien Worlds has become the biggest game in the blockchain gaming ecosystem according to data from DappRadar. Currently, 24,620 wallets connect to the dapp per day, which is roughly 5,000 more than Upland in second position. 

Alien Worlds and Upland have been battling for the lead position for quite some time, and Upland has had the upper hand. Lately however, Alien Worlds has been making strong moves as its user base has seen steady growth. In January they had 2,000 users per day, while they now see 12 times that amount. 

In the past 7 days, Alien Worlds has seen an increase of 43% in its active wallets, reaching 36,300 active wallets. Furthermore, the game has seen 46,6% more transactions, reaching a total of more than 47 million transactions. These numbers have been increasing because of new promotions and developments involving Alien Worlds. 

Even though Alien Worlds is leading the 24-hour charts, Upland is still seeing more active wallets on a 7-day period. Alien Worlds had 36,300 active wallets, while Upland registered 45,950 wallets during the exact same time period.  

This means that players of Alien Worlds have higher retention and are more likely to log in to the game on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the growth of Alien Worlds is remarkable, and recent developments are setting the game up for further growth.

To infinity and beyond

The leading blockchain company Animoca Brands has invested 2 million dollars in Alien Worlds, clearing the way for further product development. At the same time, the team is bringing their game from the Wax blockchain to Binance Smart Chain, also bridging their TLM game token from Wax to BSC. Furthermore, Alien Worlds is currently promoting daily activity by handing out prizes to random users who mine TLM at least once per day. 

The success of Alien Worlds can’t be seen as mere coincidence. With the Ethereum blockchain hampered by high gas fees, gaming projects seek refuge elsewhere. The Wax blockchain has been positioning itself as a blockchain for minting, collecting, and trading NFTs. Alien Worlds is simply the first game to really tap into that service on a bigger scale. 

Alien Worlds isn’t the only dapp seeing growth on Wax. Alcor Exchange has also been performing very well in the DeFi segment, seeing a 176 percent increase in the past 24 hours. 

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