Alien Worlds Surpassed a Million Wallets in 30 Days

120% more unique users played the game

Alien Worlds, the biggest Wax-based game at the moment, is continuously gaining momentum. In the past 30 days, the game attracted more than one million unique active wallets, representing an increase of 120% month-on-month.

Considering the increased activity, it is no surprise that Alien Worlds topped the DappRadar charts and became the number one Wax dapp over the past thirty days. 

As more users started interacting with the Alien Worlds platform, the number of transactions processed by its smart contracts also rose. The Wax-based game processed almost 24% more transactions in thirty days, totaling a little less than 400 million interactions. 

It’s important to note that unique wallets do not equal unique users. It’s very easy to make multiple wallets on the Wax blockchain and then use the free starting tool NFT to start mining in Alien Worlds. There’s no hard data about this, but many players have multiple wallets to participate in the game’s ecosystem.

According to DappRadar data, Alien Worlds is not only smashing it among Wax counterparts but in the dapp space as a whole. In the past thirty days, the game ranks second among all dapps, on all blockchains tracked by DappRadar. Only PancakeSwap managed to attract a larger number of unique active wallets than the Wax-based runner up. 

Alien Worlds Planetary Council

One of the main drivers of activity for Alien Worlds in the past thirty days is the race for Planetary Councilors for each of the six planets.

Alien Worlds

Each of the six planets has a set of unique characteristics and purposes. This is why each of them needs a dedicated counselor to represent the planet in front of everyone else in the DAO. 

Alongside the selection process for Planetary Counselors, the team behind the game organized accompanying rewards programs and airdrops. For example, a nice way to incentivize players to participate and engage with the vote was to give away NFT game card packs. Players who engaged on social media left comments and retweeted, automatically entered the raffle for a free NFT pack.  

Aside from the Planetary Council vote, Alien Worlds has already established itself as one of the biggest play-to-earn opportunities available at the moment. While Axie Infinity and R-Planet are steadily moving forward and gaining traction, Alien World is still topping the charts. To some extent, this might be due to the Wax blockchain being highly affordable when it comes to transaction fees and processing times. Stay tuned to find out more about Alien Worlds and the play-to-earn opportunities on the blockchain. 

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