Alien Worlds Binance Missions Push TLM Price Up

Alien Worlds Binance Missions Push TLM Price Up

Play-to-earn staking sparks price activity for Alien Worlds’ native token

Alien Worlds has taken the gaming community by storm with the recent addition of Binance Smart Chain Missions, which reflects on the price of the native TLM token. The new play-to-earn mechanic impacted the valuation of the game’s BSC-based version of Trilium (TLM) as players lock their tokens away. Just several days since the release, TLM has already seen its price hike more than 30%. 

Alien Worlds is the largest game across all protocols tracked by DappRadar. However, until recently, the platform had somewhat limited play-to-earn mechanics. With the introduction of BSC Missions, Alien Worlds has attracted a whole new group of players. Not only that, the platform recently launched a revamped version of their platform, making the game accessible through mobile devices. 

The combination of these factors has had a positive effect on the value of TLM tokens, which exist on Wax and Binance Smart Chain. According to DappRadar data, TLM has seen its price rise by more than 50% in the past thirty days, reaching $0.3 at the time of writing.

What are Alien Worlds BSC Missions?

BSC Missions are the latest play-to-earn opportunity in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Before the launch, players could only earn TLM through mining six different planets. However, with the new Missions feature, Alien Worlds introduced the seventh gas planet named after Binance. 

By launching spaceship missions that explore the new planet, players can receive additional TLM. However, to launch a spaceship, you need to stake, or lock up a certain amount of TLM first. In this sense, exploring planet Binance resembles a traditional DeFi staking mechanism, which asks you to lock up a certain amount of funds in return for a percentage-based reward. 

Importantly, the launch of BSC Missions has added an entirely new passive income opportunity for Alien World fans. While players can still mine planets on the Wax-based version of the game, they now get to enjoy a whole new experience in the form of space exploration through token staking. 

How to get TLM?

If Alien Worlds BSC Missions sound interesting to you and you are ready to launch your own exploratory spaceship, you’ll need to get your hands on some Trilium tokens first. You can easily do this directly on the DappRadar website, thanks to our Token Swap service.

Simply connect your BSC wallet with the DappRadar Token Swap, and choose what tokens you’d like to exchange. Once you’ve successfully swapped your tokens of choice, you can easily check your TLM holdings in DappRadar Portfolio. There you’ll see a breakdown of all your token and NFT assets.

As the play-to-earn movement continues to grow, game-based tokens like TLM are ravishing in newly found attention. This rise in popularity often has a positive effect on the valuation of such tokens. DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as big names like Alien Worlds push for further innovation. To find out the latest news around blockchain gaming and play-to-earn, follow us on Twitter and Discord. And remember, get yourself some TLM and start exploring planet Binance. 

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