Alfprotocol and Soldex Join Forces to Boost Your DeFi Portfolio

Alfprotocol and Soldex Join Forces to Boost Your DeFi Portfolio

Further unleash the potential of next-gen DeFi experience.

Alfprotocol and Soldex are forming a joint venture to bring DeFi users a robust DeFi experience powered by Solana. The two projects are complementary and beneficial to each other from the tech perspective. 


  • Solana has become one of the most significant DeFi ecosystems in the industry.
  • Alfprotocol and Soldex, two DeFi Legos in the Solana network, have announced a joint venture. 
  • Alfprotocol features leveraged yield farming that can fulfill a variety of risk appetites, while Soldex is an AI-driven trading platform that enables users to trade smartly. 
  • The partnership of the two will bring unprecedented DeFi services to users.

DeFi services have become more diverse and accessible than ever in the current multi-chain landscape. With options ushering in, DeFi users are becoming savvier with their decisions. They know everything it takes to maximize profits, from avoiding network congestion to pursuing transaction speed and saving transaction costs.

These demands have sent users to Solana, the next-generation blockchain known for its speed and throughput. On the other hand, Solana has also attracted many DeFi developers to inject new ideas into Solana’s DeFi ecosystem.  

With that in mind, the rise of the Solana DeFi space seems more than logical. Lately, Solana will witness a significant partnership in its DeFi space, as Alfprotocol and Soldex, two DeFi Legos, have announced an upcoming joint venture. 

alfprotocol defi experience

What does this joint venture mean for users? A DeFi earning experience like never before.

Alfprotocol – boost yield farming capability with up to 200x leverage

Alfprotocol is a sophisticated DeFi platform that offers services to traders and investors with different risk appetites. It provides both leveraged and unleveraged products for users with different risk tolerance. 

The unleveraged liquidity products are Alf Market Making (AlfMM, a decentralized exchange service) and Allotment Alf (AAlf, an overcollateralized borrowing service). These two protocols provide entry points for traders and risk-averse investors to fulfill their different trading needs.

For those who prefer yield farming to capture DeFi revenue, Alfprotocol’s leverage yield farming allows them to obtain higher profits on equal terms. Furthermore, Alfprotocol adopts dynamic rates on leverage which can achieve optimal capital efficiency for all participants.

In Alfprotocol’s ecosystem, the ALF token is the centerpiece of the protocol incentive structure and value extraction mechanism. Holders can stake ALF in the DAO module to have a say on DAO Treasury utilization. Alf Leverage Protocol users can receive ALF as rewards. 

Users can find a full list of ALF utilities via this link and obtain ALF from the Limited Token Sale. 

Soldex enables users to use its DEX and Farming with Double Rewards as a comprehensive and user-friendly technology

Current decentralized exchanges face many problems, including low levels of liquidity, small transaction volumes, inefficient and slow transaction speed, poor user experience, and more. Soldex is a community-driven crypto trading platform to address these issues and equip users to make smarter, more informed decisions. 

Yield Farming with Doubles is a feature the Soldex team is proud of and very excited about. As from the technical perspective, it distinguishes Soldex from other DeFi protocols in the Solana ecosystem. Our Farm code is a brand new code developed by the development team from scratch. It uses Anchor under the hood as a most advanced tool to develop programs in the Solana blockchain.

Alfprotocol will be the one-stop DeFi shop on Solana

Boasting 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) and near-zero transaction fees, Solana’s performance in DeFi is hard to beat. Therefore, Solana DeFi’s Money Legos are on the rise. 

The joint venture between Alfprotocol and Soldex will further unleash the network effect of the Solana DeFi ecosystem. Furthermore, it reinforces Alfprotocol’s positioning as the gateway to Solana’s DeFi world. 

Notably, integrating both sides’ technology, team, and business has already begun. The combined team is working to introduce more advanced and secure products to benefit users. These include access to additional funds, more liquidity, and a broader network with interoperability.

To learn more about the Alfprotocol technology and its ecosystem.

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