Alexis Ohanian Spent $2000 on Digital Sneaker NFTs

Alexis Ohanian Spent $2000 on Digital Sneaker NFTs

Reddit co-founder minted 13 pairs of NFT sneakers from the 10KFT collection

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has yet again made it to the top of crypto headlines by minting 13 pairs of 10KFT sneaker NFTs. The entrepreneur recently made a splash by visiting the MET Gala with a CryptoPunk pin on his collar. His recent sneaker investment is worth a little less than $2000 as each pair cost about $150 to mint.

Minting a 10KFT is only open to NFT collectors who own an original NFT part of the collections supported by the project. In this case, Alexis Ohanian was able to mint 13 pairs because he already owns the NFTs that influence the design of his new 10KFT sneakers.

The 10KFT NFT collection, created by the infamous Wagmi San, has become a rather significant interest for the NFT community. It allows collectors who hold NFTs from prominent collections like Bored Apes Yacht Club and Cool Cats to create customized sneaker designs featuring their NFTs. Essentially, 10KTF utilizes a purpose-built ERC 721 compatible smart contract to enable users to mint derivative NFTs from their existing NFTs directly. 

For the moment, Wagmi San has released a derivative sneaker series for owners of these collections:

What did Alexis Ohanian get?

A deep dive into Alexis Ohanian’s wallet shows that he minted 13 pairs of 10KFT sneakers. He now has 7 Cool Cats, 3 Pudgy Penguins, 2 BAYC pairs, and a Bored Apes Kennel Club one. Of course, to mint this collection of 10KFT, Mr. Ohanian had to have the original NFTs in his wallet. A quick check with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker tool shows that this was indeed true. 

A little further exploration in his wallet shows that the Reddit co-founder has actually opted in creating sneakers for all possible NFTs he had. This wallet contains exactly the same BAYC, Cool Cats and Pudgi penguins NFTs. This indicates that he is seriously invested in the 10KFT project. There’s a good reason behind this. RTFK, the company behind the 10KFT collection, has previously allowed NFT holders to claim real pairs of physical sneakers. 

When the first RTFK sneaker collection dropped, it focused on the CryptoPunks collection. Whenever a CryptoPunk holder minted an RTFK sneakers pair NFT, they also received the right to “forge” a physical pair of shoes. For the moment, 10KFT has not announced such plans. However, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to speculate that this might happen in the future.

Considering this prospect, Alexis Ohanian might have made a very wise decision. Especially if he’s an avid sneaker collector as well. His NFT collection is definitely enviable. If you’d like to browse through his wallet, you can do it with the DappRadar Portfolio tracker. If you’re curious to learn more about other celebrity wallets, visit our brand new celebrity wallets page. 

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