Alexis Ohanian Loves Serena So Much, Has 6 CryptoPunks Like Her

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Entrepreneur gifted a look-a-like punk to his wife and wore it on the red carpet

Reddit-founder and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian appeared on the red carpet recently with his wife Serena Williams wearing a CryptoPunks pin. He gifted this look-a-like punk to her recently, but DappRadar uncovered that Ohanian has 6 more punks that all look very similar. 

On September 14th Alexis Ohanian tweeted that he brought the CryptoPunk of his wife, which he actually bought for her, to the Met Gala. A pin on the left side of his chest showed Punk #2950, and we can see the sporty resemblance with the punk wearing a white headband. 

A look into the DappRadar Portfolio shows us that Punk #2950 indeed is in the Ethereum wallet of Serena Williams. The wallet also contains the ENS domain SerenaWilliams.eth and one other NFT, gifted by a generous fan.   

Source: Twitter/Alexis Ohanian

However, the story becomes a lot more interesting. 

Looking at the trading history of Punk #2950, it was transferred to Serena’s wallet 2 weeks ago. This was a transfer, not a purchase. Because Ohanian indicated that he bought the punk, it would mean that he’s the one who transferred the NFT to Serena. 

Thanks to the trading history it’s fairly easy to find Ohanian’s wallet, which he used to purchase the punk 3 months ago for 85 ETH. However, the next thing really struck us. Aside from Punk #2950, the internet entrepreneur owns another six Serena Williams look-a-like CryptoPunks! 

Punk #8115, #4072, #5339, #1302, #3435 and #5955 are all in Ohanian’s wallet. Each of the punks are female with long black hair and a headband. According to the DappRadar value estimator, these six NFTs have a combined value of more than $2 million. 

What are these CryptoPunks 

CryptoPunks are among the first NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain, and there are 10,000 of them. These punks are often labeled as the very first, but they were not. Nonetheless, their reputation exceeds history, and with their legacy status comes great value among NFT enthusiasts. Collectors are willing to pay top dollar to get their hands on a punk, while the cheapest punk is currently listed for $275,000 or 79.99 ETH.

In March this year Punk #3100 sold for more than $7.58 million, or 4.2k ETH at the time of the transaction. That amount of ETH would now be $14.4 million. In June another alien punk, Punk #7523, sold for $11.8 million in auction house Sotheby’s. CryptoPunks have become status symbols amidst the rise of a digital culture. These are the Rolex and Lamborghini for users who prefer to keep things digital, but authenticated by blockchain technology.  

Following the success of CryptoPunks, other NFT collections have taken center stage in an effort to create NFT-powered avatars and online communities that create value. Last week 101 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs sold for more than $24 million at another Sotheby’s auction.

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