AI-Powered DeFi Hub Kinetix Launched KAI Token

Utility token needs to integrate into Kinetix DeFi offerings

Kinetix Finance has launched its KAI utility token through initial decentralized offering platforms Ape Terminal and Eclipse Finance, and made it available on decentralized exchanges and With the launch of KAI, Kinetix Finance is moving into its next stage of growth. 

The initial decentralized offering (IDO) for Kinetix Finance’s KAI token was heavily oversubscribed on Ape Terminal and Eclipse Finance, emphasizing the demand for the token and the potential investors see. Now that KAI is on the market, and currently trading at a price just above $0.03, the DeFi hub is preparing for its next phase. 

KAI will help Kinetix Finance by bringing in its own native capital, but moreover by establishing a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. KAI token holders can become part of the DAO, and have a say in the future of this AI-powered DeFi hub.

Demand high for KAI token

Kinetix Finance used two platforms for its IDO, resulting in more than 75,000 unique participants. This meant that the token sale was oversubscribed 45 times, emphasizing the demand for the KAI token. 

Investors who are looking for KAI, can find it on Ethereum, Base and Kava. In its first 24 hours, the token hit a low of $0.0221, but now trades at $0.0324.

Unique features of Kinetix Finance

Kinetix Finance isn’t just another decentralized exchange, but it also offers a perpetual exchange where users can trade with leverage. However, what makes Kinetix truly unique is its addition of artificial intelligence. Traders can use an AI companion to use simple actions based on prompts, which includes swaps and other platform functions.

This also means that the platform allows users to tap into trading bots. These bots optimize trade executions, ensure first-rate price points, but also protect users against MEV bots. Kinetix Finance therefore offers its users a Strategy Hub, which allows users to to pick Ai-powered trading strategies with a single-click. 

Closing words

Kinetix Finance is uniquely positioned thanks to its offering of AI-powered DeFi services, adding value to both the platform itself and the KAI token. Now that KAI is on the market, it will be interesting to see how it will integrate into the services of the DeFi hub. It’s clear that Kinetix Finance is building a new wave of DeFi services, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this innovative DeFi hub. 

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