Agora by Vulcan Forged: the Gas Free NFT Heaven

Agora is providing NFT enthusiasts with a gas-free minting experience

Agora joined the Vulcan Forged ever-expanding ecosystem providing a gas-free NFT minting platform. Crowded as it might be, the NFT battlefield has never lacked innovation. The Agora NFT platform, with a focus on simplicity and efficiency, will fully liberate artists’ creativity and collectors’ enthusiasm.

In the 2021 documentary The Lost Leonardo, art dealer Yves Bouvier made a whopping $40 million in profits by concealing the real price of the artwork from his client. Even more outrageous, no one has yet been able to verify whether this painting, the most expensive Da Vinci to date, is authentic or not.

The physical art market has always been one of the least regulated, underscoring the urgency to add more transparency. The emergence of NFT technology enables the elimination of the middlemen and gatekeepers in the art world. Furthermore, it equips artists with a medium for content, a means of monetization, and a certificate of authenticity – three birds with one stone.

NFTs enable artists to sell their art directly to their fans in a peer-to-peer fashion. But the Ethereum blockchain, the one used by most NFTs creators, has high gas fees that cause headaches for both sides of the transaction. Agora NFT platform by Vulcan Forged allows users to create and collect NFTs without hidden costs.

What is Agora

Agora is the latest expansion in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. It is a gas-free, simple-to-use NFT art platform featuring high speed and low cost. For minting your own NFT, it will only cost 1 LAVA (the current price is $0.12, as of the time of the writing). 

LAVA, the Polygon-native token, is the secondary token of VulcanVerse. It is designed as an ecosystem booster with numerous utilities. Getting LAVA is simple. Users just need to play or engage with any Vulcan Forged-made or hosted game. There are different ways to spend LAVA, including upgrading land in VulcanVerse, unlocking game features, entering tournaments for the trading card game Berserk, and more. Now LAVA becomes the affordable pass for users to explore the fascinating NFT art world of Agora. 

How to create NFT with Agora

The following steps will guide you through a smooth minting process with Agora.

1. Sign up for a My Forge account.

2. Earn, or use the VulcanDex to get some LAVA. If you’re already a player of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem games, you can earn LAVA through the play-to-earn model. If you’re not a gamer but want to dive straight into Agora for NFT creation/collection, you can head to the decentralized exchange, VulcanDex. Here, you can swap USDC, PYR, MATIC or WETH (Wrapped ETH) for LAVA- find out more about using VulcanDex here.

3. Go to your My Forge wallets to check your balances. As long as you have more than 1 LAVA available, you can create an NFT in Agora!

4. Click on the link for Agora and then click on Start Selling

5. Click on Mint New

6. Select your Collectible Type. At present, only type Single is available, and Multiple will become an option in the future. For uploading your artwork, just drag and drop or choose your file). Note that the maximum file size is 5MB. Permitted file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and BMP.

7. Enter your Title, Description, Tags, and whether you want to list your NFT on the Marketplace. If you go for the Marketplace option, you have the choices of Fixed Price, Timed Auction, and Open for Bids.

8. Finally, you can choose whether you want to add your NFT to an existing collection or create a new one.

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