ADALend and Robatz Network: Redefining Decentralized Lending

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ADALend and Robatz Network collaborate on Cardano Native Decentralized Lending Protocol

The lending protocol ADALend on the Cardano blockchain recently established a partnership with Robatz Network, improving the user experience on its platform. The Cardano native lending platform wants to become cheaper and more efficient, resulting in becoming a go-to platform.  

Modern banking evolved from medieval Jewish lending services in the piazzas of Lombardy. Today, lending and borrowing still plays a crucial part in the financial system with service intermediaries facilitating the flow of money.

Thanks to decentralized finance (DeFi), users are now able to carry out such activities without intermediaries. The lending segment in DeFi took off firmly, benefiting investors from their holdings. New platforms on different chains thereupon are entering the market. Built on Cardona, ADALend is one of those that aim to improve upon the foundation laid by the pioneers. Having joined a partnership with Robatz Network, ADALend will provide a seamless user experience with more cost-efficient lending opportunities to the DeFi users. 

ADALend and Robatz Network Partnership

Robatz Network is a software development company specializing in a full range of business solutions. At present, the company’s expertise has expanded to decentralized systems such as swarm algorithms, edge computing, and blockchain, providing enterprise-level research services and development support. Robatz Network will use their knowledge to improve the lending services by ADALend. 

The partnership endeavors to bring the utility and usability of ADALend platform to the next level. Specifically, both teams will collaborate to conduct an in-depth and comprehensive research to analyze the aggregated protocol environment. The scale of the research will include liquidity, exchange, UI and UX. With both teams ramping up their efforts in the design and deployment of the platform, the upgraded ADALend platform will have an optimized user experience, allowing users to conduct self-governed lending transactions smoothly.

Reimagining the future of decentralized lending

According to a report by Acuant, a large portion of the world’s population is still unbanked, especially in developing countries. However, for blockchain pioneers, the most opportunities for DeFi stem from this fact. Let’s take the new crypto haven South East Asia (SEA) for example. There is a relatively high percentage of access to the internet in major SEA countries, while more than half of the population store and transfer money in the form of cash. The table below demonstrates the gap between internet penetration and bank account ownership.

Decentralized finance, along with the dapps derived from it, have brought about significant changes to the economic activities in this region. Be it money remittance, lending, or earning passive incomes, people are embracing DeFi as a convenient and affordable financial tool due to years of unbanked lives. 

As the advantage of DeFi reaches wider recognition, ADALend will play a bigger part in providing users with affordable DeFi lending solutions. Leveling up ADALend with an ultimate decentralized lending experience, the partnership with Robatz Network will add to the success in achieving these goals. 

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