ACryptoS Investment Pools: A Closer Look


Advanced yield farming strategies

ACryptoS is a DeFi project based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform is designed and aimed at longer-term investors looking for sustainable tokenomics, safety, and careful risk management. With vaults and farms, ACryptoS offers users a yield farming optimizer, while ACSI Finance provides a decentralized exchange, with a StableSwap specifically for stablecoins.

ACryptoS is the first platform on Binance Smart Chain to bring in ACSI Finance, a decentralized exchange based on Balancer V2. With the latest and most efficient code, it is able to bring down gas costs significantly. Also, it allows liquidity pools of up to 8 tokens with varying weights, while Uniswap-based AMMs only allow 2 tokens with 50-50 weight. ACSI Finance claims that these pools with a higher number of tokens are able to help users diversify their liquidity provision, helping to reduce possible losses.

ACSI Finance

Unless you have had your head under a rock for the last 18 months you should be familiar with the plethora of SushiSwap and Uniswap copies out there. The Balancer V2 protocol is different – as mentioned, it allows for liquidity pools with up to 8 tokens, with varying weights.

It also has a more separated design that allows for “smart” and “custom” pools. Interestingly those pools can be designed and developed by others and plugged into the protocol.


Diversifying your Risks 

How these multi-token pools work would be similar to a mutual fund or ETF in traditional finance, diversifying your risks by investing in tokens with similar characteristics. Two pools to highlight are the ACS3 MegaCap Pool (BTC-ETH-BNB) and the VenusXSwipe Pool (XVS-SXP-VRT-VAI-BNB). ACS3 is a low-risk way for holders of three of the biggest coins by market capitalization to put their tokens to work. On the other hand, the VenusXSwipe Pool provides users a mutual fund to invest in tokens offered by the two major protocols in the BSC ecosystem.

ACS3 MegaCap Pool with three equal parts of BTC, ETH & BNB offers APYs up to 139%. The VenusXSwipe pool represents another good earning opportunity on the platform, offering APYs averaging 255%.


Finally, one of the highest farming APYs currently available anywhere can be found on ACryptoS. The DEX/AMM Pool (CAKE-MDX-HMDX-BAKE-ACSI-BNB) combines tokens of the few biggest swap exchanges in Binance Smart Chain into a single investment fund, and provides an APY up to 942%. 

ACryptoS maintains a sustainable ecosystem by giving back the exchange fees to the platform stakeholders. 50% of exchange fees are used to buy back and distribute ACSI to ACSI stakers via the ACSI Governance Vault, while the remainder is earned by liquidity providers. Staking ACSI in the ACryptoS Governance Vault also allows you to boost your yields by 2.5X. You can learn more about ACryptoS tokenomics here.

ACryptoS in Summary 

In a nutshell, ACryptoS chooses to partner with the largest and most established projects on Binance Smart Chain and the ones closely tied to or supported by Binance. In doing so, the application can offer high yields while ensuring a focus on safety. A constant stream of updates and new services are also ensuring ACryptoS stays relevant and ahead in these turbulent times.

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